Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #167

{It's ME!  At one of our very favourite places to leg-stretch and explore the green!}
How do you doodle do #wonderfulwednesday writers, readers and 'head-popper-inners..?!'  You find me flailing a little this week.  I mean, may i just say:  How is it only Tuesday {as i write this}?!?!? It feels like the l-o-n-g-e-s-t of weeks that there ever was which is probably my own fault since I'm off the whole of this weekend coming and since my last weekend off was so very lovely, well i mean i just CAN'T WAIT dammit!!!!  I know, i know because I'm always telling everyone else to not wish there 'everyday' away but sometimes it's hard.  Is it odd that i almost don't want Friday to come because as soon as it does it'll whizz by and before i know it, it'll be Sunday?!?!?  Sometimes there really is no pleasing this little bean....

So maybe we should get listing..... 

1.  Honey.  I mean i can take and leave the stuff.  I use it, and maple syrup a lot to sweeten things rather than using a refined white sugar and i find that if I'm feeling under the weather, a teaspoon of honey in any of my favourite teas, is the biggest hug in a mug that there ever was.  But lately?  Well i've been sort of loving the stuff!  It's mostly just been cascaded over almond milk porridge with a scattering of mixed seeds on those mornings where 'simple {read: easy} is best and my co-ordination and 'awake-ness' levels are particularly low....

2.  Cut grass.  Yes to the smell and YES to the sigh of it.  I love a tangled cottage-y feelin' garden and in my head that's how I'd love ours to be but honestly...?  I just don't have the time {at the moment at least} to over-haul our very square and neatly-edged garden.  We just have a patio and a little square of grass and so most of the plants we I kill grow, are in big and little terracotta pots.  The last couple of weeks we've given the lawn it's first proper cut since Winter and it looks so neat and tidy and lovely.  Plus the smell was a bonus.  Is there anything lovelier than the smell of freshly cut grass....?!?  

3.  Hummus.  Buzz off -1 degrees on Monday April temperatures!  I'm going to eat my way into Spring and Summer even if the weather isn't playing ball!  *stamps foot*.  I love hummus any time of year and could quite happily eat a tub with a spoon and call it dinner {i have never done that!  Aherm.  Sorry i think there's something caught in my throat...}.  Lately though it's been my go-to lunch condiment.  I'm already excited for tomorrows chopped carrot and celery combo with a little snack pack of seeded oatcakes thrown in for good measure.  Don't tell me i don;t know how to live!

4.  Washin' whites.  There's something a little bit lovely about a) hanging your washing on the line to dry in general but mostly really b) when it's all of your pretty white cottons all clean and bright and sparkling and their blowing in the breeze on a sunny Sunday {that really was only 5 degrees and yet somehow, somehow that Spring breeze won and i brought them in dry at 4pm!  Hurrah!}.  I'm just getting them ready for when Cumbria decides it's going to give us actual Spring-shaped weather conditions.  I mean, I'm on my marks ready to go....

5.  New tea.  Hells bells is this weeks post just all rock and roll and wild!  I'm not even sorry.  My names' Sally and tea makes me happy! This week when pottering on my lunch at work {the lethal kind where you should really probably leave your purse at work} having had to wade through a violent five minute hail shower; i picked up two very lovely things from M&S.  The first a pretty packet of Wildflower seeds and the second a new tea:  Rooibos, vanilla and cocoa nib.  Doesn't that sound like the dream 'before bed' milky drop that ALL of the sweetest dreams will be made of?!?!?  I'll report back.  Well you know, if anyone cares as much as me since it's only Tuesday evening when I'm-a tip-tappin' this and so I've yet to try it..... *drum roll*.  

6.  Forgotten hand-creams.  Silly but true.  Since it's dropped a few million degrees in temperature up North this week {have i mentioned that yet...?!} i've been left with hands so dry {a stubbornness to NOT wear gloves/mittens in April...tsk..} i could sand a piece of wood.  Almost as if the stars aligned and the universe came to my rescue i stumbled across a fancy pants tube of the stuff some kind soul had bought me for Christmas i think and have had it in my back pocket for most of the week...

7.  Pesto.  Yes more food-y related nonsense.  'Cos that too says a little bit 'Summer' or warmer weather at least dontcha' think?!  It's been stirred through charred and roasted peppers and courgettes which in turn were all mixed up in a delightful tangle of pasta and also flicked {creatively i thought...} across a pizza before piling it high with rocket and shoving into the oven.  I just cant' get enough of it's herb-y goodness!!  Anyone got any other great ways to use pesto...? Pesto porridge...?  No, no.  Too far!

8.  Surprising sunshine.  Oh yes the kind that comes right after the stormiest, windiest hail shower so cold it made my little cheeks hurt.  It was flippin' lovely though and i sort of basked in it, stood still for a moment, the way that you do.  Before seeing the black clouds ahead and scampering for cover pronto.  I mean i feel grateful for sunshine at any rate lately but there's something even more grateful-giving in the kind that you really, really don't expect, you know?!

*  *  *   
And just incase this little #wonderfulwednesday -shaped collection of happy isn't enough {and i mean can you ever have too much?!?} skip your little self right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND  Emma's blogs quick-march and delve into their very own happy lists!  Don't forget you can join in too:  Chit-chat happy with us all online using the #wonderfulwednesday tag ooooorrrr tag any of us in your posts across any social media.  We're a nosey bunch so we love to see!
Happy mid-weekin'!!!


  1. Oh I loved this wonderfully Sally Tangle Wonderful Wednesday this week! You do make me giggle! That tea sounds awesome, please do report back on what it tastes like! I am sending alllll the sunshine over, I think you're fully prepped for the good weather now! I hope it picks up soon. I'm mad about honey too, always have been, I'm like a bear with it though and really should start being strict about it... ah well, we only live once I suppose!
    Peta x

  2.'s NEVER too far. I would bathe in that shit if I could, so you are preaching to the choir with that one, babes!

    Thanks for the giggle this morn. Bloody love these WW's!

    katie xx

  3. Love this post, especially the forgotten hand cream, always a treat, and yes to pesto too! Did you survive the recent humus shortage though!? x



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