Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #168

{Hangin' onto the prettiest carpet of cherry blossom over here...}
I feel that before we all get started tip-tappin', that i should tell you now that this #wonderfulwednesday edition might come 'atcha with a little bit of a Bank Holiday tinge.  Now i know not everyone in the world gets to appreciate a Bank Holiday weekend BUT most of the time neither do i!  Working in retail means that these kinds of holidays off work and weekends themselves aswell are pretty much rare and unheard of.  So i hope you'll allow me a little bit of indulgence since i booked this one off and the whole weekend {oh and also until Saturday *cough*} entirely by accident and purely to use up holidays.  Just incase you thought this post was getting far too smug already, if it helps to balance things our oven broke last night, mid-way through cooking soooo I'm-a need all of the positive thoughts for the foreseeable 'little bit' until we know what's what and if it's fixable/saveable.

Before i get all sad that tonight won't be our usual 'Pizza Tuesday' shenanigans, let us get a grip on reality and count some happy shall we...?

1.  Cliche 'schmiche'  BUT this past few days have been mostly bright and blustery and warm enough to not need an actual warm-keeping kind of coat so naturally I've been racing in and out hanging out washing to dry like my life depends on it!  Happiness this week has been a shower/hair wash and clean line-dried PJ's and bedding.  If they could bottle that feeling/scent I'd keep it in my bag forever.

2.  Slower breakfasts.  You know the kind that starts with a mug of tea under the duvet, listening to nothing but the world waking up and the birds-a-singin' and leads to breakfast munched sat with your little feet resting in the garden and the french doors open.  There's nothing like it!

3.  First sleeps with the window open.  Which also quite nicely coincided with clean me, PJ's and bedding night too.  I've been sleeping like a baby all week and I'm convinced that this has alot to do with it.  

4.  Berries.  ALL of the berries!!!!  With the sun naturally comes the cravings for summer fruits and nothing, nothing nothing tastes lovelier than in-season fruit and veg picked up on a long lazy weekend.  I've been stacking strawberries as big as my fist onto crumpets spread thickly with cashew nut butter.  Or piling them on top of the coconut yoghurt thick and creamy enough to stand up a spoon in!  Summer in a bowl!

5.  Project DIY.  If you dip in and out of Insta- Stories you'll have noticed that we spent a fair amount of time paint pickin' over the Bank Holiday weekend.  Who even am i?!  The sign of a Keeper is one who doesn't really object too much at how long it takes you to get down the pain aisle in Homebase and B&Q and equally quite how important it is to pick exactly the right kind of creamy grey.  FYI i actually wanted a light, muddy, chalky pink but had to compromise.  We've got an old Victorian chest of drawers with little feet which i ADORE but it has been needing a sand down and TLC since we picked it up at a scrap yard abooooooout four years ago?!?!?  I can't wait to show you.  We've painted the top and sides and now i just need to faff a bit with what's going on top of it..... {BEST BIT!!!}.

6.  Time spent.  With each other.  I've had the LOVELIEST time just being with the Mr and having a pottering-pal over the Bank Holiday weekend.  Yes we live together, sleep together and see each other every day BUT often our heads are down and buried in the 'Nine to Five' world and it's rare that we just faff around, tinker at home, eat nice food and stay up later and watch things we both want to watch.  It's done wonders for that little heart of mine you know!

7.  Colour charts.  Am i the only one who loves a colour chart?!?!  Maybe it's the Mood-boarder, serial 'Pinner' or crazy creative 'faffer' in me but there's nothing i love more than laying them all out and looking through all of the colours and their names.  I came away at the weekend with the prettiest little bundle of them and I've currently got a few of them pinned up on our notice board for who knows why!

8.  Turning over the calendar.    And the start of brand new month and the 'fresh-start feelin' that brings.  The neat and tidy beans inside me also loved that the 1st of May also fell on a Monday this year too.  It really is the littlest of things....

9.  The anticipation of a {probably too extravagant!} Anthropologie order coming.  Eeeeep!!!!!! Can you tell last Friday was payday AND that the little charmers at Anthro know the way to my little heart and snuck a cheeky 20% off discount code into my inbox on Saturday morning?!?  AND i accidentally also smashed one of my very favourite Anthro plates early Saturday morning when i was 'umming' and 'ahhhing' as to if i should even make an order.  Not one to not listen to the universe and all that of course i HAD to oblige......

10.  Longer, longer,    L - O - N - G - E - R    feelin' evenings.  Okay so i've been off work since Saturday anyway BUT the lighter brighter days are having me rise earlier and the lighter, brighter evenings just make it feel like lately lasts forever and it feels like just the tonic to lift my spirits and make me feel happy!

And just like that we are all done and dusted for another week.  Sometimes, like this week; this post comes out quick-march and is just as easy as the best Sunday morning.  Other weeks i really have to dig deep.  Either way, just doing it, writing it down and the time and energy spent collecting the best bits of my week and finding a place for them to rest; well it's sort of become just a little bit therapeutic somehow you know...?  ANYWAY go now!  Go fill your eyes, head and heart with more good and great and indulge in Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's #wonderfulwednesday loveliness.  Talk to us online on any social media channel and don't forget to use the ^^^^tag up there^^^^ so we can all see and we can all join in!

Sending LOVE!


  1. Just a little hello and I'm so pleased you still do these posts :) hope you are all good :) xxxx

  2. So much loveliness here, hurrah for line-dried bedding and pjs, there's no feeling like it, and hurrah for paint charts (and particularly grey paint - my favourite colour!). Hope the new month feeling lasts, and the oven gets sorted! x

  3. I definitely needed to read this today, it's the best dose of happy for the weekend ahead! And no, you're not alone, I love a colour chart too, especially those mood board style ones you see on Pinterest too, I love the jungle themed ones I've been seeing everywhere at the moment too. I was so excited to be able to sleep with the window open last night too, it feels like it's been too long since I was last able to do that and I feel like summer is nearly here, as it's been so warm this week! I love that photo too, the blossoms are just gorgeous and I'm glad you got the chance to have some time off this Bank Holiday too. - Tasha



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