Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #176

{Flowers make everything better...}
Do you ever have a day, or week where you feel like your head and body aren't quite connected and working together in the harmonious way that you imagine they should {but hardly ever do anyway?!}.  This week has been all about being the clumsiest, most forgetful and generally dizziest so-and-so that there ever was!  I mean it's only Wednesday and i've got too many bruises to list, a food shop that was only really half completed since i only realised the other half of what i needed when i got all of the way home and a head that feel like it just won't switch off.  I'm looking forward to listing the best bits this week if only so that my head will think of nothing else other than what it's doing, even of only for half an hour or so......  How are YOU?!
 Let's get la-la listin'!

1.  Music.  It's been what feels like forever since i went to see a band or any kind of live music {*makes mental note to sort quick-march*} so this week i've been mostly loving catching up on Glastonbury on the BBC Red Button or online.  There's something ever so magical about watching one of your very favourite artists live - nothing quite compares to it.  And my Glasto highlights?  Got to beeeeee Elbow, Goldfrapp and Ed Sheeran.  What were yours?!
2.  Energy balls.  I'm forever a snack fiend and I'm also SO easily lured into a new type of 'on the go' snack bar!  The costs mount up though, and since i try to eat as naturally as possible; when you actually  look at the ingredients list you can pretty much replicate it at home!  Or better still make up your own!  This week i have mostly been whizzing uuuupppp:  Dates, almonds, almond and coconut butter and cacao powder and then rolling the little balls in toasted coconut and it's the BEES KNEES.  
3.  Pots of flowers.  Okay so after my pretty little daffodils and snowdrops died far too long ago to admit too {aherm}, i've been forever meaning to grow something, anything even.  But some how the few months ran away with me and then all of a sudden it's Now and I'm still empty plant pots central over here!  So i sort of cheated and did a quick run to the garden centre where i almost bought a baby wisteria plant, an apple tree and a trellis to attach to our garden wall.  In the end i settled on several bedding {?} plants that i cannot remember the names of at all.  BUT in other good and great news this weeks they have started to flower and look beautiful and all of a sudden i feel vaguely like an adult.  Allbeit one that can't plant a seed or bulb and make it grow.....
4.  A productive day.  It's rare these days so i feel it needs documented.  This weeks day off {after working a whole seven days in a row - two of which were twelve and fourteen hour days respectively - was the most productive day from start to finish.  An early start after a restful sleep; two loads of washing hung out and dried resulting in an empty laundry basket; two bathrooms cleaned, the whole house tidied and hoovered, baking AND dinner made PLUS a five mile round bike ride!  I was flipping flopping EXHAUSTED come bedtime though....
5.  A cooler breeze.  Because it;d be rude to go a week without chit-chatting about the weather, don't you agree?!?  This week i have been mostly glad about the temperature dropping a little bit.  Yes I'm one of those people who complain if it's too hot or if it's too cold:  i.e most of the British population!  I've worked out my optimum happy temperature for this time of year is roughly 22degrees and no more!  This week it has been rather lovely to be able to snuggle back under the duvet and to feel a cool breeze tickling my cheeks from the open window.  
6.  Turmeric and split pea hummus.  As if this even needs explaining!  I've been piling it high on toasted rye bread with sundried tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts for lunch almost everyday.  And failing that i've been dunking whole radishes into it a any given opportunity!  SO GOOD!
7.  Granola.  I'm on the hunt for a great homemade granola recipe if anyone can recommend any BUT this week i finally stopped the porridge - for now at least - in favour of one of my favourite granolas:  Rude Health Coconut and Chai granola.  It's been Lately's go-to breakfast with a good scoop of oats, a sliced banana and a good glug of almond milk.  
8.  That indescribable LOVELY feeling when you are sat sipping your favourite tea in your very favourite mug, in your pyjamas and you know that you're off work the very next day.  I wish i could pause that feeling for far longer than it lasts.
9.  Going down a hill on your bike after a really hard uphill climb and after a really long day.  God bless that little bike of mine for carrying me home!  There's nothing that beats going down a hill on a bike!
10.  Dungarees.  Because they have been my 'at home' outfit almost each evening this week so far and most of last week too!  Praise be for the fact that they go with everything - summery or otherwise and are so soft and comfy and slouchy that really they're just one jump up from your pyjamas.  HURRAH!
 *  *  *
SO come on!  What has been making you smile this week!?  What has been making the fact that it's still three whole days until the weekend that little bit more bearable?!?!?  SHARE do SHARE!  Also whilst we're all here and talking happy lists; don't forget to hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's blogs to read their own #wonderfulwednesday lists!  Because let's face it, you can never have too many lists of good and great!
Sending love!


  1. I've been feeling a bit out of sorts this week, and I'm blaming the wacky weather. My body just doesn't know what to do with itself.

    Watching Glasto over the weekend has been a highlight of mine too; Clean Bandit and Ed Sheeran were both amazing.

    Big love for the Energy Balls, if you're in need of inspiration I have loads of recipes on my blog! The Cacao and Orange are my personal fav.

    Enjoy the rest of your week lovely one! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  2. I love live music and watching things like Glasto can make me really emotional. It's just such a beautiful experience, everyone just chilling and singing along.

    Productive days are just the best, it really feels like you've accomplished something doesn't it?

    I'm SO glad that the heatwave is over. I'm really not one for high temperatures, so I too welcomed the cooler days this week!xx

  3. Lovely flower pots! Productive days off are very satisfying :) have a good week! X



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