Wonderful Wednesday #178

 {sans text again {don't ask} just enjoy being distracted by how beautiful it is where my parents live...}
Ever had one of those weeks where you feel like there just isn't enough of you?!  In a sense that you could do with being able to quarter yourself whilst simultaneously adding on an extra two hours to each day and then and only then might you scratch the surface of your ever-growing to-do list?!  That's me this week!
BUT as you read this i shall be off from work and probably lay star-shaped somewhere - not moving, or thinking and maybe just being?!  I'm writing this on Tuesday night and right about now that sounds like a dream come true.  Oh to be still!  There will definitely be crumpets and tea and not much else.  OH and hopefully some errand-running/cycling to various places but right now we shall just cross everything crossable that the weather forecast is wrong, wrong WRONG and tomorrow won't rain and infact it'll be all blue skies and sunshine.....
Let's get happy-listing!

1.  Tahini.  Okay so i *think* i harped on about this over on Twitter recently BUT Tahini - well it's a new revelation to me!  And as a bit of a nut butter fiend {and that's being polite!} i can't believe I've not experimented with the stuff before!  In the past it's been used solely to make houmous because #priorities BUT lately it's been zi-zagged across honey on toasted rye-bread with the juiciest slices of nectarine aaaand whipped up into a delicious salad dressing to go alongside some leftover falafels.  I stirred the juice of half a lime, some apple cider vinegar and a good helping of tahini altogether and tossed it through some peashoots and oh my GOSH it was YUM.  

2.  A new haircut.  Something i sort of half dread whilst also kind of look forward to and then dread all over again the moment the appointment is there!  This time though, i LOVED it.  And better still, it's been washed and dried twice since and looks almost vaguely like it did straight after.  Which if you ask me is a sign of good haircut and not just a good blow dry....
3.  Peaches and nectarines.  Because they're all i want lately.  I'm actually really rather frustrated as we speak because there aren't any ripe enough to eat yet in our fruit bowl!!! Is there anything lovelier than a really sweet, ripe and juicy peach or nectarine in Summer?!  I've been loving slicing either of them onto anything {see point one!}.  Savoury-wise, i'm also really enjoying sliced peach with cottage cheese and ryvitas.  Usually with a little handful of walnuts on the side.

4.  A real sale bargain.  I'm trying to not really buy much at the moment but as soon as say that; make a little mental promise to myself and take one look at our still incomplete spare room-come-office you can guarantee that i spot something.  I recently picked up the prettiest silk blouse from Topshop Unique in the sale.  Reduced from £135 to just £45!!  I can already count a handful of items i already have in my wardrobe that it'll go with which always makes me feel a little bit better about myself.....

5.  Being all dark-haired.  That's it now, all the blond has gone!  If you've followed along on here for a little while now, or spotted my little face on Instagram at all {I'm @sallytangle} then you'll know that i've been a light platinum blonde for most of my days.  I started to grow it out aboooouuuuuut eighteen months ago and it's finally all gone!  I've been so so tempted to re-dye it several other colours but then i notice how much better it behaves; how little it takes to do to it and how much less make-up i have to wear and the extra time in bed it all seems more than worth it.  Au natural is the way forward!

6.  Summer evenings.  Made even more special lately since we have unfortunately had some really miserable and grey and wet evenings.  When you get a good one it makes you want to run outside and do a 'sort of snow angel' but in fresh cut grass....well you know if it wasn't for hayfever!  There's nothing nicer than sitting outside to eat supper or just sipping on some chamomile tea as the sunsets.  Why isn't it summer always!?!?
7.  A freshly cut lawn of grass.  Okay so our garden is a little postage stamp, but it's our little postage stamp!  Am i getting old because i love how sweet and neat it all looks after we've mowed the lawn?!?

8.  Fresh air.  Needs no explanation i fear.  I can have had the busiest most hurried and stressful of days and the thought of walking home, even sometimes on a really lovely day; makes me feel so tired!  Until i'm outside.  Once i get walking - even in the pouring rain - i feel instantly a million times better and usually, by the time i walk the five miles or so home i feel all kinds of relaxed and better.  

9.   Fish.  We've been trying to eat a little bit more lately.  This week we have the flakiest oven-baked haddock with baby new potatoes with fresh dill and lemon butter and a peashoot-y and broad-bean salad and it was the DREAM.  I already want to eat the exact same thing again soon...

*  *  *
And I'm DONE!  For another whole week!  What has been your highlights so far this week and what are you looking forward to for what's left of it?!  Do share!  Also rememeber to hop skip and jump over to to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's blogs and check out there own #wonderfulwednesday posts.  Because if there's one thing you can never have too much of, it's a happy list. Am i right?!?