Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday 183

{Bike rides are my favourite!}
Hello there!  How are you?  Are you feeling as upside down and darn well inside out after the bank holiday?!  I had most of last week off and then was back at work for Sunday and and Monday and then to be off Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Sunday felt like Monday.  Yet today {Tuesday - the day that i always put together this little post} is also the most Monday-feeling Tuesday that there ever was!  Que-sera!  I've got Haim up as loud as the speakers on our little Mac will allow and i've just got an email saying that my HUGE Amazon book order has been delivered to the Mr at work {saves those annoying 'sorry we missed you cards'} so life is GOOD.  

Shall we chat more good and great and bloody lovely...?!?

1.  Bed sheets.  I mean i've always had a penchant for a pretty bedroom and a well-laid bed.  I think i get that from my mother - i spent a lot of my littler years helping her change the bed, fluffing pillows etc and so i will forever have an appreciation for a perfectly fluffed up bed and cushion combo!  Over the past few years though, i've learnt a lot more to appreciate the feel of a comfortable bed:  The right mattress, the seasonal appropriate tog of duvet {if you'd asked me a few years ago i probably didn't even know what 'tog' meant - i still think it's a funny word!}, and most importantly the best thread-count and fabric you can get hold of, for sleeping under.  Maybe i just got old and fussy in my later years BUT sleeping under and surrounded my natural fibers is the DREAM - literally.  Okay well that and them being line-dried in the sunshine to boot.  I feel like i'm constantly washing bedding this week in a desperate bid to give each set a good clean before it's too late in the year to dry them outside anymore!  The struggle is REAL dammit.  What was my point?  OH YES buy cotton bedding, wash it and dry it outside and breathe in the gloriousness that it brings!

2.  Alfalfa sprouts.  I mean who am i and what am i even talking about?!?  These little gems are my thing lately:  Sprouted seeds snipped just before they grow into lettuce, radish or the like.  I keep meaning to sprout my own since it seems so flippin' easy that even i shouldn't kill them, right?!  But then they're usually just £1 or from Sainsbury's and at the time....well that just seems easier.  What do i do with 'em!?  Pile them high on everything!  On top of toasted rye bread with a little bit of mashed avocado and flaky smoked sea-salt; just as the crowing glory on top of any kind of salad that sits alongside my supper - since there's usually one every day; dotted across the top of a stirfry; added on top of a vegetable burger {my favourites are beetroot, mint and quinoa or harrissa, lentil and red pepper} after some crumbled feta or sometimes just on top of scrambled eggs!  So versatile and leafy just as much as they are seedy!

3.  A breeze.  It's getting almost to that time:  Soon the leaves will no longer be bright and green and lucious.  Soon they'll be blanketting the ground and i'll be relishing crisping and crunching through them at every chance i get!  But lately i've been noticing the change in the breeze:  It's cooler, fresher and 'nippier' but more than that it sounds different too:  When the wind catches the leaves in the trees now you can hear the change from a gentle rustle, to a more pronounced rattle...?  Tell me it's not just me who notices these things...?  Or thinks that they really are rather lovely too?

4.  The most purple plum.  So purple infact that my thumbs are still a slightly pretty shade of crimson from this mornings afternoon snack!  If i'm sad at the though of nectarines and peaches no longer being in season; then i am in equal parts comforted by the thought that soon they'll be victoria plums, damsons and gooseberries for at least a little while. Nothing is yummier than dark purple plums and cinnamon.  Oh and if you want a real treat?  Pile them high on any kind of toast that has been spread with Pip and Nut's Cinnamon Cashew nut butter.  You can thank me another time!

5.   Spiders.  Not the huge and great MASSIVE one that parked itself on the floor in our spare room and that i nearly stood on WITH BARE FEET the night before last!  No, a little love is going out to the teeny stripey one which has made a pretty web on my sweet-peas and who i've named Trevor and talk to nearly just as much as i do my actual plants.....

6.  The anticipation of a new season and all that it means. You know me and 'looking forward to things' - what can i say it's just my thing?!  As well as crumpets, porridge, riding my bike and wearing a hat {#thingsimknownfor} probably!  I love to start thinking about changing what i wear, mixing up our weekly meals a little bit and adding in new season fruit and veg and thinking of ways to save some summer in the cupboard.  Have i told you that i really want to make an 'End of Summer Kimchi' oh and maybe a Nectarine Preserve?  Well i do and i'm bloomin' excited!

7.  Wearing outrageously huge and tassel-ey earrings with my favourite jeans, slouchy cardigan and a grey tee.  It's been my go-to lately and i'm really rather loving it.

8.  First berries. Sort of relates to number six really.  I'm loving spotting the first berries appearing in the hedgerows on my walk through the woods home. I also spotted some apples the other day!  It made me very excited for apples. I feel like it's been AGES since i ate a really crisp, crunchy apple you know?!  And i always feel like Autumn {THERE i said it} is definitely the time for apples to shine, don't you?!

9.   1st of September.  There's just something about the 1st of September.  I mean i know i'm not at school, uni or college but even so i just think that its somehow instilled in me that the 1st of September is a new start; a fresh chapter and a chance to begin again.  And i like that feeling a lot.

10.  Chai tea.  I'm usually a camomile tea with a little honey before bed but lately, it's all been about spicy, milky Chai tea and i've been sleeping like a baby. Maybe it's the impending change in season, a little drop in the temperature - who knows why but it's a much-loved addition to the end of my day either way. 

*  *  *

And just like that - as per usual we're all done and another #wonderfulwednesday post has been tip-tapped:  Things have been shared, documented and celebrated!  Don't forget to hop on over to   Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs    who have done exactly the same!  And don't also forget to join in online yourself too!  Use the #wonderfulwednesday tag on Twitter or Instagram and share the best bits of your week too! 
Until next week...

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #182

{^Current colour palette inspiration^}
Hello there and how do you do?!  It's just me, back once again with another post of great and good and the littlest snippets of lovely for you!  This week is whizzing - like the rest of them - right on by my little ears!  I've got a few days off this week and i'm trying my hardest to slow down, to be a little lazier and not feel guilty for it and to get outside in the fresh air on those two wheels as much as i can!  I've really been feeling the need for a bit of a 'reset' in the run up to this week and have barely lifted my head to do anything other than work, work, work all the time!  This week is all about {mostly} ME and i'm not even ashamed to admit it!
Let's get listin' shall we?!?

1.  Friends.  I'm one of those people who doesn't have many friends, not the close 'bare everything, see all sides of me' kind anyway.  I genuinely don't see that as a bad thing at all.  The few and close group of people i do call my closest are those that i know i don't have to see every single week {because life sometimes gets in the way!}, and those that i know that when i do; it'll be just like always.  I can be my complete self, flaws and all and they get it. This week i've been lucky enough to spend time with one of my DEAREST friends who now lives over in Perth in Australia.  I've not seen her in almost TWO YEARS!  Today we had a catch up and it was just like always!  

2.  Mornings.  If there was one part of the day i could really make slow down it would definitely be mornings.  My ultimate luxury is a day off morning:  One where i can get up early; make hot tea in my favourite mug and take it back up to bed and read.  Then pitter-patter down the stairs to make crumpets - usually - piled high with some kind of nut butter and some kind of fruit and seed combo.  This week its been all about Meridian Peanut and Seed butter {so yummy it might have taken the crown of my usual Crunchy Peanut butter favourite! It's crammed full of roasted peanuts, black sesame seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds} spread thickly and then topped with ripe and juicy wedges of peach.  Mmmmmm!  Then i like to light a couple of candles, open the curtains and put on the radio whilst i get ready.  If only every single day could start this way!  I'm sure i'd feel all the better for it!

3.  Taking in the green.  I've been craving greens to eat and to see this week - if that makes sense!  I like to listen to my body as much as i can and i'm a firm believer that if you're craving something, it's probably because your body needs it - emotionally or physically.  This week there's been smashed avocado on toast {with a squeeze of lemon and chopped coriander to freshen things up}, there's been chunks of ice-cold cucumber eaten alongside thick cottage cheese-laden oatcakes and tart green apples cut into wedges and spread with almond butter.  I'm also planning to mash some peas and mint into some regular mashed potato to go alongside some cod fillets we are having later in the week.  But as for seeing green:  Well i've been out on those two wheels at every given opportunity - i've rode laps and laps of our sweet green park and taken almighty great gulps of heavy sweet summer air.  I even took a detour through the woods home yesterday afternoon just because i felt like it and didn't have to be anywhere!  I think it's my body's way of telling me to make the most of all of the green before the leaves start to fall and the temperature drops.

4.  Haim.  I'm so out of touch with most current music!  I stick to a lot of what i already know and I'm already familiar with {i think it's the whole attaching memories to songs and being a sentimental at heart!} but one band i have loved/wanted to join/spend what feels like always hop-scotching and skipping along to, are Haim!  Who else loves there new album just as much as their last?!  And also wants to join them...?  Just me then...

5.  The smell of freshly cut grass.  We cut ours this week and the day after a   l-o-n-g   night of rain i woke up to sunshine.  So i sat out with my mug of tea in my pyjamas and it smelt all kinds of wonderful.  

6.  Breakfast for tea.  When i say that i don't mean cereal or porridge orrrrr crumpets and peanut butter {although it was a regular occurrence when i was at uni and couldn't be bothered!}, i suppose what i really mean is brunch-shaped supper.  This usually occurs after a grocery shop when neither of us can be bothered to cook.  We used to always order a pizza but over the years that's sort of developed into us both choosing our favourite lazy supper that we wouldn't normally get to eat since the other person hates it.  I pretty much always have avocado on toast or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs since the Mr hates salmon of any kind and wont even entertain an avocado.  It's the BEST!  {if not slightly weird...}.

7.  New bedding.  Because that actually needs no other further kind of explanation.  I picked this set up form M&S last weekend when i had just changed our sheets the night before.  I did entertain changing them again just to put on new sheets but settled on washing them, line drying them and just looking forward to them.  Yes i'm that weird person!  So worth it and a million percent heaven!

8.  The sweet scent at the end of a really humid day that's felt like it needed to rain all the live long day but hasn't. I'm currently breathing in that exact scent as I tip-tap this post out; with a wide open window and the prettiest cloud-patterned blue sky.  

9.   Silence.  Because it's the thing i crave so often!  And this week i have had it in buckets so far and every part of me feels better because of it.  

*  *  *

Wow.  I think that this weeks' list might be the simplest list i've written in a long time!  I sort of love it the most, somehow?  Sometimes life can be so fast and overwhelming and big {?} that it's so easy to lose the little things.  And ironically they're the things that i love the most.  What a funny thing the world can be?  BUT before i delve into anymore deep thinking-shape philisophy, make sure you hop, skip and jump right on over and check out: Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's #wonderfulwednesday posts.  It's exactly how i plan to spend my Wednesday afternoon too.  And commenting and sharing and joining in, in a merry celebration of all of the little things that make our lives better.  It's be lovely if you joined in too!  Chit-chat online using the #wonderfulwednesday tag, share some links and tag us if you share anything similar.    

Happy mid-week you lovely things!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #181

 {Genius sweetpea-growing right there!}
Hey hello-a and how do you do?!  I'm feeling like i have BAGS of energy and that i'm full of beans lately and i'm putting it solely down to having two days off together at the end of last week.  Not only that, instead of hurrying and rushing and sort of nearly running myself ragged on those two days.  I took it extra   s-l-o-w  and you know what?!  I think i needed it and that i really should learn to listen to my body a little bit more.  Far too often we're made to feel bad for being a little bit lazy when actually from time to time, it can be just what we need.  I feel like i've approached this week with extra steam power and felt all the more motivated because of it.  Or maybe it could be thought of ten whole days in a row off work from Friday...?!  Sorry..i couldn't not mention that.  

Either way, let's celebrate the extra super powers with a pretty lovely list of happy, #wonderfulwednesday style of course!

1.  I'm always harping on about looking forward to things and the fine line between that and wishing the time away.  It really is a balance i'm yet to really master fully! There's nothing wrong with looking forward a bit though, right?!  Especially when it's because one of your very best friends in the whole wide world returns from Australia to visit this week and you haven't seen each other in just about two whole years!!!  I am BEYOND excited to be reunited with one of my partners in crime!

2.  Beetroot hummus.  Piled high on flippin' everything but particularly on top of an actual beetroot and lentil vegetable burger and served with an almighty salad of the loveliest most sweetest tomatoes from the window sill, peashoots and toasted sunflower seeds.  Could be one of my favourite concoctions to date!

3.  Cinnamon in porridge. Ok i'm sorry but YES i went there.  Okay so i know it's August too but it's been really mostly torrential rain up north since Sunday evening AND i thought i was coming down with a cold on Monday evening and so on Tuesday morning i thought SOD IT.  I'm going in with the creamy, warming and spicy-type porridge and i don't care who blinkin' knows it!  I made my usual porridge but instead of my usual mashed banana; i added one grated apple {skin and all!}, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.  Then i topped it with pumpkin seeds and a great big table-spoon of Pip and Nut's Cinnamon and Cashew Nut Butter.  I'm not even sorry.  Infact i might even eat it all week.  For medicinal purposes you understand....

4.  Pinterest.  Because i love nothing more than losing myself on there for a little while when i'm on my lunch at work or have a spare hour or so on an evening. There's something about an impending change in the season that makes it such an inspiration.  Even if it's just looking back at my own boards.  Is there anything better?!

5.   Slug-shaped victories.  Not sure if i mentioned on here last week {?!} - i do know i pretty much ranted about it to every customer i served at work and had a bit of moan about it on Twitter!  My poor baby sweetpea plants that i have nurtured, and talked to and watered each and every day got ferociously nibbled by slugs at the end of last week. I was so sad!  They're just about to flower and are one of my faaaaaavourite Summer flowers in the whole wide world and they looked so sad and sorry for themselves!  After a few recommendations {and about a million inches of rain interspersed with bouts of glorious sunshine} they are fighting back and have grown SO MUCH.  Hurrah!  Sorry slugs, i know you've got a job to do and all of that BUT if you could stick to the bigger plants and flowers and lave the baby ones alone that would be grand.  Thanks.  

6.  Fringe games.  I love my fringe.  In fact when i pin it back to wash my face or shower and catch myself in the mirror i look so unlike me!  I think i've had a fringe since i was ten.  Oh well apart from a brief notion to 'grow it out' aged nine and also around the time when it was fashionable to wear those really thick padded headbands that had your name written on? I used to have to push it right back with one of those and even then, bits would creep back through and get into my eyes.  I think i only lasted a little while and had to beg my mum to cut it back in. This week i trimmed my fringe for the billionth time and it is really straight and even and lovely and even when the rest of me is a total MESS, it somehow stays neat and lovely.  Hurrah for fringes!  

7.  *whispers*  A new dress.  But not just ANY dress:  A LIBERTY printed dress.    I had a big clear out and had to say goodbye to some of my favourites that i had worn until they were quite literally falling apart and i've been on the look out for some replacementsTransitional ones, the kind that i can happily scamper about in now with tan sandals and a cardigan and then that i can layer up with opaques, brogues or boots and a woollen coat when it gets cooler.  I mean i don't mind skirts and tops and jeans and tops but well; i'm always much happier in a dress.  I accidentally fell in love with a green Liberty printed one which came this morning {Tuesday} and that i almost daren't open incase it's too beautiful and isn't really practical somehow..?!  I just fell in love with the print and thought: 'I'll make it work i will, I WILL!!!'.  And now i can't quite remember if it'll be okay for what i want.  I'm going to save opening it until my day off on Thursday...I'm quite enjoying the excitement.....

8.   Clouds.  I often think if i could be any one random thing, it would be a professional cloud-watcher.  Not even the meteorological technical kind that studied the weather.  No, no just someone that found really pretty ones and took photos of them, for a living.  There's been some beautiful clouds around these parts lately; what with all of the erratic weather.  I take photos and photos and photos galore and it's only when my phone memory tells me that it's full that i realise quite how much i photograph clouds.  Oh, clouds and crumpets in equal measure actually.  Think that's what i might call my autobiography:  'Clouds and Crumpets' what do you think?!?

*  *  *  

And just like that, another week has whooshed right on by.  Who can believe we're heading for September - between you and I i'm really rather excited as i can't help but still think of September as a new start month; even if i'm not at school or university anymore.  Plus i'm feeling ready for a new season too.  Anyway, enough getting too far ahead!  Remember to pop yourself right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs so you can catch up on their weeks and fill your boots with another happy fix.  Remember to join in yourself online with the tag #wonderfulwednesday and share what's been making your week so flippin' lovely!

Have a beautiful rest of week!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #180

{'saving' summer in as many ways as possible! }
Well oh well how do you do?!  I'm like the most broken of broken records i know but how the bobbins are we careering through this year so flippin' floppin' fast?!  I'd like to say i've got lots to show for the fact, or a great feeling of accomplishment bubbling away in my little tummy but, well; i havent.  It struck me all at once this morning, juuust as i was about to sleepily add cinnamon to my porridge.  Something inside of me went 'PING' and all i could think was 'no, no don't do it.'  Because what?  I add cinnamon to my porridge for the first time since - maybe February - and before i know it the central heating thermostat will be crancked back up from zero degrees and i'll be knee deep in buying Christmas cards!  I feel like it's only August at the same time as feeling a 'golly-gosh it's AUGUST already' and both with equal excitment/terror/when did time speed up quite so much?!
So without further ado, time to    s-l-o-w   down and count some little happy gems - before i forget them entirely for another week and already it'll be 2017 and OH.  THAT.  Well that doesn't bear thinking about yet.  Not quite yet anyway.....  Time to happy list....
1.  Sour blackberries.  Not fresh from the hedgerow i'm afraid - as much as i would love to say that they were.  The wild birds are far to 'on it' up near us and get to them before we even get a look!  But there is something just as lovely about a sour blackberry or two, as there is a ripe and juicy sweet one.  When i was little, as soon as we'd been blackberry picking my mum would wash the fruit in a big colander, tip it into a huge bowl and cover it with sugar.  Then it would sit in the fridge overnight and the next day, you were treated to the syrupiest, sticky-sweet blackberries that you can imagine.  We piled them onto everything but usually snatched them straight from the bowl.  Which you could never getaway with since as you could always spot the purple ring around your lips and stained tongue a mile away!  But sour blackberries...?!  Somehow they feel like even more of treat since they were such a foreign concept until recently.  This weeks' have been mashed up and swirled into honeyed porridge or piled upon toasted ryebread and creamy cashew nut butter.  The perfect balance of sweet and sour is a joy in itself, don't you think!?
2.  Helping someone.  I mean i probably do it quite a lot during my working day anyway.  So much so that it just feels...well normal.  I get paid to afterall.  But seeing someone struggle, in the supermarket and helping them reach and then carry said things to the till - all the while chit-chatting to them about their day?  It felt LOVELY.  We should all look up, take notice and help more often.  I'm making my own mental note to aswell.
3.  A misty morning.  The first of it's kind in....well i can't remember the last so there you go!  There's something lovely about a misty morning.  A quiet misty morning where your only company is a hot cup of tea, a big bowl of blackberry porridge and a large side order of silence. 
4.  Dried hydrangeas.  I've heard there's some kind of 'art' to drying hydrangea flowers.  For me it's the art of luck.  Utter luck!  This years' first try has proven a success but i have no idea why.  Last year i tried at least three times and failed miserably.  All i did was keep the flowers in water until they started to slightly wilt.  Then tipped said water away and left them in an empty vase.  Et voila!  A simple {ish!} way of preserving one of the prettiest parts of summer!  See photo attached for effect ^^^
5.   Courgette and chickpea 'burgers.'  The bees knees, elbows and armpits as far as i'm concerned!  A quick 'mash up' -type supper served on a huge pile of peashoots and spread with a big spoonful of {more than was probably acceptable} spiced yellow split-pea and turmeric hummus and topped with toasted seeds and baby tomatoes.  In all honesty?  I could have eaten it twice over.  It was THAT GOOD.  
6.  A new tv 'fix.' I'm not a massive TV watcher and if you can get me to sit, and pay attention through the entirety of a whole film then, well consider yourself LUCKY.  But i do like a good TV series.  We recently finished watching the third season of Fargo which - how can i put it?  I didn't mind.  I just found it hard work and felt as if i didn't understand a lot of it.  The Mr though?!  It's the first time either of us have watched it and he LOVED it.  So much so that over the weekend he announced he wanted to watch the last season.  I wasn't particularly excited but i thought i'd give it a go.  Oh MY WORD i'm HOOKED.  SO much better than season three!  We've watched {and had to 'ration'} two episodes a night we're both so hooked!  It's all i can think about and i don't want it to end! What can i watch when it does?!?  Send over any recommendations to keep me going until the new season of Stranger Things comes out in.....October?
7.  Baby new potatoes with dill, lemon and salty butter.  Can i eat them with everything please??!  No really?!  I've been trying to 'work' them into as many meals as i can before they're no longer in season.  The YUMMIEST!
8.  The thought of two days off in a row!  Sometimes {and proabably} better than the days themselves SO i'm relishing the 'looking forward-ness' and feeling that i'll get from actually feeling just a little bit rested in amongst the chaos of busy sale time at work.
*  *  *   
And just like THAT!  I'm done listing for another week! Don't forget to hopscotch right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs and sneak a peek at their very own #wonderfulwednesday lists.  Because if there's one thing you can never have too much's a good thing! 
Happy mid-week lovely ones!


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