Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #182

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Hello there and how do you do?!  It's just me, back once again with another post of great and good and the littlest snippets of lovely for you!  This week is whizzing - like the rest of them - right on by my little ears!  I've got a few days off this week and i'm trying my hardest to slow down, to be a little lazier and not feel guilty for it and to get outside in the fresh air on those two wheels as much as i can!  I've really been feeling the need for a bit of a 'reset' in the run up to this week and have barely lifted my head to do anything other than work, work, work all the time!  This week is all about {mostly} ME and i'm not even ashamed to admit it!
Let's get listin' shall we?!?

1.  Friends.  I'm one of those people who doesn't have many friends, not the close 'bare everything, see all sides of me' kind anyway.  I genuinely don't see that as a bad thing at all.  The few and close group of people i do call my closest are those that i know i don't have to see every single week {because life sometimes gets in the way!}, and those that i know that when i do; it'll be just like always.  I can be my complete self, flaws and all and they get it. This week i've been lucky enough to spend time with one of my DEAREST friends who now lives over in Perth in Australia.  I've not seen her in almost TWO YEARS!  Today we had a catch up and it was just like always!  

2.  Mornings.  If there was one part of the day i could really make slow down it would definitely be mornings.  My ultimate luxury is a day off morning:  One where i can get up early; make hot tea in my favourite mug and take it back up to bed and read.  Then pitter-patter down the stairs to make crumpets - usually - piled high with some kind of nut butter and some kind of fruit and seed combo.  This week its been all about Meridian Peanut and Seed butter {so yummy it might have taken the crown of my usual Crunchy Peanut butter favourite! It's crammed full of roasted peanuts, black sesame seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds} spread thickly and then topped with ripe and juicy wedges of peach.  Mmmmmm!  Then i like to light a couple of candles, open the curtains and put on the radio whilst i get ready.  If only every single day could start this way!  I'm sure i'd feel all the better for it!

3.  Taking in the green.  I've been craving greens to eat and to see this week - if that makes sense!  I like to listen to my body as much as i can and i'm a firm believer that if you're craving something, it's probably because your body needs it - emotionally or physically.  This week there's been smashed avocado on toast {with a squeeze of lemon and chopped coriander to freshen things up}, there's been chunks of ice-cold cucumber eaten alongside thick cottage cheese-laden oatcakes and tart green apples cut into wedges and spread with almond butter.  I'm also planning to mash some peas and mint into some regular mashed potato to go alongside some cod fillets we are having later in the week.  But as for seeing green:  Well i've been out on those two wheels at every given opportunity - i've rode laps and laps of our sweet green park and taken almighty great gulps of heavy sweet summer air.  I even took a detour through the woods home yesterday afternoon just because i felt like it and didn't have to be anywhere!  I think it's my body's way of telling me to make the most of all of the green before the leaves start to fall and the temperature drops.

4.  Haim.  I'm so out of touch with most current music!  I stick to a lot of what i already know and I'm already familiar with {i think it's the whole attaching memories to songs and being a sentimental at heart!} but one band i have loved/wanted to join/spend what feels like always hop-scotching and skipping along to, are Haim!  Who else loves there new album just as much as their last?!  And also wants to join them...?  Just me then...

5.  The smell of freshly cut grass.  We cut ours this week and the day after a   l-o-n-g   night of rain i woke up to sunshine.  So i sat out with my mug of tea in my pyjamas and it smelt all kinds of wonderful.  

6.  Breakfast for tea.  When i say that i don't mean cereal or porridge orrrrr crumpets and peanut butter {although it was a regular occurrence when i was at uni and couldn't be bothered!}, i suppose what i really mean is brunch-shaped supper.  This usually occurs after a grocery shop when neither of us can be bothered to cook.  We used to always order a pizza but over the years that's sort of developed into us both choosing our favourite lazy supper that we wouldn't normally get to eat since the other person hates it.  I pretty much always have avocado on toast or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs since the Mr hates salmon of any kind and wont even entertain an avocado.  It's the BEST!  {if not slightly weird...}.

7.  New bedding.  Because that actually needs no other further kind of explanation.  I picked this set up form M&S last weekend when i had just changed our sheets the night before.  I did entertain changing them again just to put on new sheets but settled on washing them, line drying them and just looking forward to them.  Yes i'm that weird person!  So worth it and a million percent heaven!

8.  The sweet scent at the end of a really humid day that's felt like it needed to rain all the live long day but hasn't. I'm currently breathing in that exact scent as I tip-tap this post out; with a wide open window and the prettiest cloud-patterned blue sky.  

9.   Silence.  Because it's the thing i crave so often!  And this week i have had it in buckets so far and every part of me feels better because of it.  

*  *  *

Wow.  I think that this weeks' list might be the simplest list i've written in a long time!  I sort of love it the most, somehow?  Sometimes life can be so fast and overwhelming and big {?} that it's so easy to lose the little things.  And ironically they're the things that i love the most.  What a funny thing the world can be?  BUT before i delve into anymore deep thinking-shape philisophy, make sure you hop, skip and jump right on over and check out: Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's #wonderfulwednesday posts.  It's exactly how i plan to spend my Wednesday afternoon too.  And commenting and sharing and joining in, in a merry celebration of all of the little things that make our lives better.  It's be lovely if you joined in too!  Chit-chat online using the #wonderfulwednesday tag, share some links and tag us if you share anything similar.    

Happy mid-week you lovely things!


  1. Another lovely list; I can completely relate to needing to take a moment and just breaaath. Its been a busy summer and I can't believe we are hurtling into September so quick!

    Mornings off are precious. Watching the light fill the sky, everything so peaceful. It's definitly the best part of the day!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week xx

  2. Oh there was the most amazing smell of freshly cut grass the other day and it was glorious. Definitely put a good spin on my week that's for sure.

  3. Yup, yup, yup, nodding along to all your list this week! I'm SUCH a morning person, in fact Monday mornings are THE best things in the world (i'm so odd! hehe). I also have very few friends, but it makes me appreciate the special ones I do have. As I get older I crave silence more and more and more.. so important. Oh and I'm SO off to now listen to Haim. Thanks for a lovely list, made me smile. x



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