Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday 183

{Bike rides are my favourite!}
Hello there!  How are you?  Are you feeling as upside down and darn well inside out after the bank holiday?!  I had most of last week off and then was back at work for Sunday and and Monday and then to be off Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Sunday felt like Monday.  Yet today {Tuesday - the day that i always put together this little post} is also the most Monday-feeling Tuesday that there ever was!  Que-sera!  I've got Haim up as loud as the speakers on our little Mac will allow and i've just got an email saying that my HUGE Amazon book order has been delivered to the Mr at work {saves those annoying 'sorry we missed you cards'} so life is GOOD.  

Shall we chat more good and great and bloody lovely...?!?

1.  Bed sheets.  I mean i've always had a penchant for a pretty bedroom and a well-laid bed.  I think i get that from my mother - i spent a lot of my littler years helping her change the bed, fluffing pillows etc and so i will forever have an appreciation for a perfectly fluffed up bed and cushion combo!  Over the past few years though, i've learnt a lot more to appreciate the feel of a comfortable bed:  The right mattress, the seasonal appropriate tog of duvet {if you'd asked me a few years ago i probably didn't even know what 'tog' meant - i still think it's a funny word!}, and most importantly the best thread-count and fabric you can get hold of, for sleeping under.  Maybe i just got old and fussy in my later years BUT sleeping under and surrounded my natural fibers is the DREAM - literally.  Okay well that and them being line-dried in the sunshine to boot.  I feel like i'm constantly washing bedding this week in a desperate bid to give each set a good clean before it's too late in the year to dry them outside anymore!  The struggle is REAL dammit.  What was my point?  OH YES buy cotton bedding, wash it and dry it outside and breathe in the gloriousness that it brings!

2.  Alfalfa sprouts.  I mean who am i and what am i even talking about?!?  These little gems are my thing lately:  Sprouted seeds snipped just before they grow into lettuce, radish or the like.  I keep meaning to sprout my own since it seems so flippin' easy that even i shouldn't kill them, right?!  But then they're usually just £1 or from Sainsbury's and at the time....well that just seems easier.  What do i do with 'em!?  Pile them high on everything!  On top of toasted rye bread with a little bit of mashed avocado and flaky smoked sea-salt; just as the crowing glory on top of any kind of salad that sits alongside my supper - since there's usually one every day; dotted across the top of a stirfry; added on top of a vegetable burger {my favourites are beetroot, mint and quinoa or harrissa, lentil and red pepper} after some crumbled feta or sometimes just on top of scrambled eggs!  So versatile and leafy just as much as they are seedy!

3.  A breeze.  It's getting almost to that time:  Soon the leaves will no longer be bright and green and lucious.  Soon they'll be blanketting the ground and i'll be relishing crisping and crunching through them at every chance i get!  But lately i've been noticing the change in the breeze:  It's cooler, fresher and 'nippier' but more than that it sounds different too:  When the wind catches the leaves in the trees now you can hear the change from a gentle rustle, to a more pronounced rattle...?  Tell me it's not just me who notices these things...?  Or thinks that they really are rather lovely too?

4.  The most purple plum.  So purple infact that my thumbs are still a slightly pretty shade of crimson from this mornings afternoon snack!  If i'm sad at the though of nectarines and peaches no longer being in season; then i am in equal parts comforted by the thought that soon they'll be victoria plums, damsons and gooseberries for at least a little while. Nothing is yummier than dark purple plums and cinnamon.  Oh and if you want a real treat?  Pile them high on any kind of toast that has been spread with Pip and Nut's Cinnamon Cashew nut butter.  You can thank me another time!

5.   Spiders.  Not the huge and great MASSIVE one that parked itself on the floor in our spare room and that i nearly stood on WITH BARE FEET the night before last!  No, a little love is going out to the teeny stripey one which has made a pretty web on my sweet-peas and who i've named Trevor and talk to nearly just as much as i do my actual plants.....

6.  The anticipation of a new season and all that it means. You know me and 'looking forward to things' - what can i say it's just my thing?!  As well as crumpets, porridge, riding my bike and wearing a hat {#thingsimknownfor} probably!  I love to start thinking about changing what i wear, mixing up our weekly meals a little bit and adding in new season fruit and veg and thinking of ways to save some summer in the cupboard.  Have i told you that i really want to make an 'End of Summer Kimchi' oh and maybe a Nectarine Preserve?  Well i do and i'm bloomin' excited!

7.  Wearing outrageously huge and tassel-ey earrings with my favourite jeans, slouchy cardigan and a grey tee.  It's been my go-to lately and i'm really rather loving it.

8.  First berries. Sort of relates to number six really.  I'm loving spotting the first berries appearing in the hedgerows on my walk through the woods home. I also spotted some apples the other day!  It made me very excited for apples. I feel like it's been AGES since i ate a really crisp, crunchy apple you know?!  And i always feel like Autumn {THERE i said it} is definitely the time for apples to shine, don't you?!

9.   1st of September.  There's just something about the 1st of September.  I mean i know i'm not at school, uni or college but even so i just think that its somehow instilled in me that the 1st of September is a new start; a fresh chapter and a chance to begin again.  And i like that feeling a lot.

10.  Chai tea.  I'm usually a camomile tea with a little honey before bed but lately, it's all been about spicy, milky Chai tea and i've been sleeping like a baby. Maybe it's the impending change in season, a little drop in the temperature - who knows why but it's a much-loved addition to the end of my day either way. 

*  *  *

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  1. I feel a bit upside down and inside out too! I think the weather also has something to do with it, chopping and changing all the time!

    Ugh, the thought of stepping on a spider with bare feet just made my toes curl. I can't do spiders, not even if they're cute little ones.

    I can't wait for the new season, Autumn and Winter are my favourite!xx

  2. Oh my lovely Sally, you have done it again. You've given me all the wonderful cosy feels of Autumn. I simply can't wait now, and I must admit before reading I was definitely holding onto Summer.

    I am saving for a new bed, particularly is high on my to buy list. Your bedding sounds absolutely glorious! Please do say hello to Trevor for me!

    I'm looking forward to the fruit Autumn brings, as well as the sweet potatoes...oh how I love a baked sweet potato!

    Wishing you the most wonderful of wondeful Wednesdays my dear.
    With love,
    Peta x

  3. A lovely list! I love Autumn too apart from the aforementioned GIANT BLOODY SPIDERS because it's at this time of year they come galloping into your house in their hobnailed boots. Sadly, my whippet pays them no attention whatsoever so I have to cover them with a glass (or bowl if they're really big - ick) and wait for Mr P to return home to dispose of them for me. We've had two biggies so far this year.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the feeling that the 1st of September is a fresh start...there's something about all the new back-to-school stationery in the shops that makes me feel like I want to start making lots of lists and plans!
    C x
    Oh Peta, your food always looks so delicious! Really love the story about your nan and what a lovely way to mark the anniversary too.

    Thank you for the GBBO reminder - I didn't watch it when it aired and have been meaning to catch up on it so shall do so now. I'm quietly hopeful after hearing a few people say that it's a lot better than they were expecting. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    C x

    1. I am SO frustrated with Blogger at the moment! I have no idea why it's posted both my comment for your Wonderful Wednesday and Peta's onto one post AND it's always making me jump through all sorts of verify things to post it! Grar!!

      C x

  5. I'm excited to see what books you ordered! I'm always on the look out for more books to add to my TBR list! Not that it doesn't have enough already.

    There's one thing I miss about living in an apartment, it's getting to dry my washing in the garden. I find hanging out the washing to be quite relaxing, that and I then don't have to look at it taking up a corner of my living room for the next few days. It becomes quite the pain the wintertime when it won't dry.

    I am loving the new Autumn breeze. It's perfect. We've had hardly any breeze for months, so it's nice to be able to breath again.

    Haha Trevor The Spider, that's a fitting name. I always go for Steve. That's my go-to spider name.



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