Wonderful Wednesday #190

{Light glorious light.  The normal coloured kind of magical daylight not seen this week! }
Well hello there You!  Thanks SO very much for making or sneaking a little time in your day to drop by, take a read and check in.  Here's hoping you're well and that your week is whizzing by at enough of a speed that you can...  Get.  Stuff.  Done.  'Cos there's nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from tick, tick, tickin' stuff and things off a list as long as all of your arms and legs put together and then some.  Or is it just my list that's as long as all of that?!  

That said, i've had a pretty lovely week of trying to make a point to s-l-o-w down my pace and be kinder to myself - both work-wise and personally.  Yes i haven't maybe got through quite as many actual things this week BUT do you know what?  The things i have accomplished have been done with my full attention span, and have been seen through from start to finish and taken care of.  And don't 'they' {whoever these Wise Ones are} always say that quality is better than quantity...?!?  I'll take that!

Ironically as i tip-tap this out to you, after almost three whole days of slowing down, putting me first and trying to not burn my little self all out; i feel as if i'm getting some kind of cold-shaped flu concoction.  What are the chances?!  But FEAR NOT!!  Avocado, crumbled feta and torn up mint on toast is for supper {as soon as i stop wittering here} and i have so many lovely things to share, #wonderfulwednesday -style that i can't wait to get going...

1.  Pink.  Yes always the colour BUT this time we're talking 'P!nk' pink - the artist.  I almost told you she was my guilty pleasure.  But i don't feel guilty at all!  I just love her.  I don't think there's an album i don't adore from start to finish.  I could sing and listen to her on loop-the-loop forever and never ever get tired.  I feel like she really sings from the heart, somehow?! I mean i know it's pop music afterall, but i just love her.  I've seen her live twice and she was FANTASTIC and had so much force, passion and....presence....?!  This week she has been my rocket fuel and more.  Her new {ish} album is the bees knees and i actually need to start typing and stop singing right about now!

2.  A chocolate biscuit and a cup of tea.  Okay let's be honest and say it was more like two cups of tea one after the other and three chocolate biscuits.  But the stomach heart wants what the heart wants.   I was feeling very under the weather on Wednesday afternoon and it was just what i fancied.  I felt a squillion times better afterwards and also had the most productive afternoon imaginable!  Sometimes you just have to listen to your body...

3.  A successful shopping trip.  I wish i could tell you this meant i bought lots of lovely new things at barginous prices or that i'd started my Christmas shopping and had ticked a fair few things off my list already.  Neither of those things happened.  What DID happen is that i wrote a very specific grocery shopping list, in the actual order i knew that i'd find things in the supermarket and got every last thing on my list in about twenty minutes and have our whole week's meals sorted because of it.  I know just what you're thinking don't worry.  That you thought that things really couldn't get anymore rock and roll around these parts, yes?!  I don't even think that there are enough words that even I can concoct that fully explain how happy this made me.  Organisation and efficiency and delicious food...?!?  OH OKAY THEN!!!

4.  Being cosy.  I wonder how many times this or some form of this, will work it's way into this post over the next six months or so?!?  Give me ALL of the cosy!!!  This week the weather has been horrific!!!!  But nothing beats getting home dry, safe and warm and curling up in bed with a hot drink and only the sound of the whistling, whooshing and howling wind and rain outside.  Nothing!!!

5.  Chocolate porridge.  I mean if it was me you'd have me at just the word porridge if i'm entirely honest but CHOCOLATE PORRIDGE?!??  It's definitely been the fixer of all kinds of things this week.  I mean if i didn't live with a boy i'd most likely be cooking up a pot for supper too but unfortunately i can't really getaway with that.  I mean it's.  That.  Good.  And it's not even in a rocket-ty-science-sort-of-a-way.  My usual hazelnut milk, oats, mashed banana and two great big and heaped teaspoons of raw cacao powder all cooked up in one pot.  It's like pudding for breakfast and if there's one thing i love more than breakfast it's pudding.  

6.  Re-discovering old things.  It sort of gives me the same kind of feeling as when i open a package i've ordered online somehow.  Except i forever wish i could remember this before i spend money that i maybe didn't really need to, you know?!  This weeks' rediscovery?  ALL of last years {and the year before and the year before that etc etc...} hats, gloves and scarves.  I haven't worn any yet and even if i don't want to wish away Now {yes me who me?!}  i am really rather excited to cover up my ears and fingers in Fairisle things and be so toasty warm that my ears and cheeks turn crimson-red. 

7.   Stranger Things!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my does that show deserve ALL of the exclamation marks in the whole wide world and BEYOND!!!  We have just finished watching Season One again as a refresher and upon finishing the very last episode and feeling fully up-to-speed; we discovered the Season Two trailer.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I think both of us sat in awe for the entirety!  I genuinely can't remember the last time i adored a TV show quite as much!!!!  Are you as excited as me?!? I'm not counting down the day at ALL...

*  *  *

Annnnd we're DONE!  Tip-tapped out with all of the love and all of the {chocolate biscuit-shaped rocket fuel} that there ever was!!  Tell me about YOUR week?!  What has been your rocket fuel and what is powering you through until Friday!?  I need it ALL this week for I am working all weekend! Remember to hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs  and check out there very own happy list too!  Better still share yours!  Or more than that chit-chat with us all using the #wonderfulwednesday tag on all social media platforms.  As ever I'm @sallytangle everywhere!!!
Sending love and happy mid-week wishes!