Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #192

{Berets&blue skies!  Is there anything better?!}
I'm writing this post with one eye that keeps trying it's very best to close!  I'm so tired.  In fact i'd go as far as to say i'm the tiredest i've been in a long while and that i *think* i'm getting too old to work seven days in a row without a day off.  As you read this though, it WILL be my day off and it will ALSO be the 1st November.  The FIRST of NOVEMBER! Who can even believe that?!? Is it me who thinks it only feels like yesterday that it was Summer and all of a sudden there are *whispers* Christmas cards everywhere !!!  I can't comprehend it so instead i'm going to skip right on past that one and tell you some great and good and just marvellous nuggets of greatness from the past week so far.....
1.  Tea.  For i fear i really and truly wouldn't have survived these past seven days or at least ever without my favourite drink in the whole wide world.  It'll always be tea for me you see - you can keep your 'frocka-mocca-whippacinos' with extra 'this' 'thats' and the 'rest.'  For me there is nothing more comforting or fixing than a cup of Lady Grey tea drank out of my very favorite mug.  There's nothing that it can't fix.  My mum wasn't wrong when she used to refer to it as a 'Cup of Magic'.  And infact she still does!
2.  Berets!  I've got about a million.  No i'm joking.  Maybe half a million...?!  I wear them each year when the temperature starts to drop.  If you know me you'll know i'm a bit of a hat person {AKA really someone that is actually rather lazy/useless with their hair} and there's rarely a day that goes by that i don't have one covering my messy bed hair!  Berets are my go-to hat when it's a little cooler but i want to look smart, like i have made an effort or just that little bit more pulled together.  For me a beret does that no matter what you put it with.  At first i was a bit annoyed that they seemed to be everywhere this year but actually it means i've been able to add a couple more to my 'repertoire.'  This week i picked up a dusky pink one aaand a navy blue one covered in pretty little embroidered silver stars and i feel all kinds of fancy!
3.  First frosts.  Ah Monday morning {and the first morning since the clocks skipped backwards} was SUCH a pretty one up here.  It's the very first time it's felt really and truly cold in the morning.  The sun was peeking through the curtains, the birds were singing and when i drew back the curtains on our little french doors downstairs, the garden lawn was a pretty white and crispy blanket of icy frost!  With the orange and amber leaves still dotted here and there too it was the prettiest!  If only every Winter day could be this way!  I filled my tummy with the hugest great big bowl of creamy porridge, pulled my tights up to my chin and got ready to leave for work.  The icy air caught at the back of my throat as i left the house and it's also the first time i've bundled up in my proper Winter Coat {yes it deserves capital letters!}.   It was BEAUTIFUL!
4.  Cashew nut butter.  More to the point Pip and Nut Honey and Cinnamon Cashew nut butter.  This will forever be my 'Winter Nut Butter.'  If that wasn't a thing then i've just made it one!  It's runny and creamy and spicy and sweet and is the perfect accompaniment to zig-zag across a big bowl of cinnamon, banana and nutmeg porridge.   
5.  Rosy cheeks.  I'm the palest of the pale!  Even if i did spend any time whatsoever in any kind of sunshine with some real heat behind it; i know i'd go pink and then just freckly!  Whilst i'm not a big wearer of much makeup, one thing i do hold dear is a good dusting of dusky pink blusher across the apples of my cheeks!  But one thing you can't beat is the rosy-posy glow you get from walking out and about in the fresh air on a cold and crisp day!  Hurrah for rosy cheeks, au naturel and the pretty winter time glow it gives you!  Or me at least!
6.  Rediscovering my sleep mojo.  Yes it might be the dullest few words that i have ever typed here {sorry not sorry} but i cannot manage without good quality sleep! That pale face isn't just pale, let's face it i could easily be almost tranluscent if my sleep isn't up to scratch!  The past few days i've really been struggling to sleep at the right....depth...?!  I'm getting the hours i need but somehow my quality of sleep has just been awful.  Praise be to last Saturday onwards where {without really even trying} i managed to get right back into feeling like i slept as soundly as can be, curled up underneath the duvet with all of the pillows and cushions and feeling refreshed each morning. Good sleep is absolute MAGIC!
7.  Blue Planet series two.  If you didn't curl up with a hot beverage, several blankets and all of the candles lit on Sunday evening and watch this mind-blowingly and quite frankly downright phenomenal nature documentary then who even ARE you?!?! I was in awe throughout and feel like i could watch hours and hours of this programme and never get bored or stop learning new things about our beautiful planet and all of the creatures that inhabit it.  And for little miss 'very little attention span and sometimes gets impatient at how long the kettle takes to boil' me, that is a true testament to it!
8.  Toast.  Or more to the point, the smell of toast.  Because you can be really not very hungry at all until you smell toast and then it's virtually impossible not to want a slice!  Am i right?!?  This week it's been my very favourite M&S Rye Sourdough stacked high with cottage cheese and black sesame seeds and dotted with damson chutney or simply spread with salty butter and tangy thick cut orange marmalade.  Actually also the very perfect accompaniment to my favourite orange-y bergamot-y Lady Grey tea...
9.  First satsumas.  Yesss!  Hurrah for citrus season!  I've gobbled up a couple each evening after my long walk home from work and i'm convinced they're keeping at bay the cold that feels like it's looming at the moment....
10.  A change.  And by this i mean a blog change.  Exciting!  I feel like i have well and truly outgrown this little layout by so so much!  Apart from the fact that the photo hardly resembles me at all anymore i do also feel like the whole design needs a shake-up!  Is there anything you'd like to see layout-wise?!  Anything you like on other blogs in terms of layout {headers, sections, reading lists}.  Any feedback would be greatly welcomed!  I've got some rough ideas in my head but i'm always open to more!   
 *  *  *

And by jingo you know i think we're DONE!!  My ever so sleepy self is sorry for any spelling mistakes!  Rest assured this post has been proof read and then some but my eyes are struggling to stay open and my tummy is grumbling and telling me it wants some supper and i'm not sure i know which i want more!  Do you also ever wish there was a 'Feed Me' or 'Bed' button you could just press and somehow something would read your mind and instantly feed you anything you wanted in the world, remove your make up, wash you and put you to bed...?!  Just me then!  I digress!  Don't forget to pop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs to see exactly what's making their little hearts happy and full!  Better still tell me YOUR happy things below, or chit-chat over on any social media channel with us using the #wonderfulwednesday tag!  We'd all love to know!
 Have a lovely rest of week!

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  1. You are a superhero for managing 7 days of work in a row! I hope you managed to spend your day off doing all the bestest things.

    OKAY when is your cookbook coming out? I am in the mood for some marmalade now and I need to get my hands on some M&S sourdough!

    Enjoy the rest of your week lovely one! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice



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