Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #202

{Red sky at night, JANUARY delight...}
Well hello there!  And happy halfway through the week!  Congratulations dear friend, you made it here un-scathed {i hope!}.  You join me on my first day off in EIGHT WHOLE DAYS and let me tell you i feel little bit like a shadow of my former self!  But fear not!  Life is good and plans for today's said day off are to re-charge and rest up a little!  This list is much needed and despite feeling a lot sleepy, i'm also feeling ready and raring to with bags of inspiration!  
Shall we dive straight in?!  

1.  Inspiration.  Heaven's when i've got some, i feel like i could run the whole world!!  That nothing is un-achievable and that anything is possible.  I wish i could squirrel away pots of the stuff for when times feel a little less inspiring.  But heck!  Inspiration that comes and knocks you sideways in mid-January {AKA the longest and dreariest month of the whole year} well i'll certainly take that and cycle run with it for as long as my little legs will carry me!  Inspiration for what i hear you ask?!  WELL this blog:  it's layout and the much needed 'refresh but haven't got a clue what i want' which is sort of turning into some loose ideas.  Also for content - i'm so limited on time due to working in a job that makes me feel forever zapped and like i'm just keeping my very sleepy head above water SO i'm trying to get more savvy with what is achievable and stop comparing myself to those who post SO much great stuff.  And generally just everything around me - that 'New Season' feeling outside - yes it's freezing cold and minus 'who knows what' BUT there are buds, and shoots and the odd break in the grey cloud AND MY DAFFODILS HAVE FLOWERED.  Most likely coming to an Insta-Story near you soon.  You know when i'm actually at home in real life daylight....  That's right i'm turning January around from NOW!

2.  Spices.  Not the hot hot kind - just the gentle, warming, comforting kind.  They've been all i've been craving lately and i can't get enough.  I've been adding them into everything i can:  Roasted cauliflower tossed in coconut oil, ground turmeric {sunshine on your plate!}, cinnamon, curry powder and ground coriander; chunks of sweet potato and butternut squash steamed and mashed with ghee, sea salt and a liiiittle pinch of nutmeg;  Cinnamon spiced porridge drizzled with maple syrup and topped with toasted walnuts and apple chunks and sour green apple wedges half dipped in almond butter and dusted with cinnamon.  I think it's my body's way of craving warmth throughout these colder months.  I'm not quite ready to surrender to cold salads as yet - warm spicy things are just ticking all of my boxes!

3.  The patter of snow.  It's been forecast all week and i've been sad that it hasn't really come to much or settled at all where we are.  That said, the intermittent sleet and rain has been lovely to lie and listen to, all curled up in bed on Monday evening with a hot water bottle resting on my tummy and a little lavender and nutmeg sleep spray on my pillow.  

4.  Chocolate porridge.  This recipe never gets old you know.  I must have made it about a zillion times and i'm really not exaggerating.  I've always loved chocolate.  And i often find i crave something rich and sweet first thing and this, is the perfect 'Fixer' for this without being full of rubbish or have me crashing come 11am and wanting biscuits!  I use normal porridge oats which i mix with one mashed {the riper the better} banana and warm through gently in a pan with hazelnut milk {any milk would be fine but hazelnut and chocolate?  WELL there isn't a better match quite honestly}.  Once it starts to 'blip-blip' i stir in a tablespoon of raw cacao powder until it's dissolved.  I turn off the heat and stir in a teaspoon of coconut oil {which is totally optional}.  I usually top it with cacao nibs and walnut pieces or if i'm feeling extra indulgent; a jolly great zig-zag of peanut butter.  It really IS like absolute heaven.  This week it's been my 'almost every morning' breakfast and it's been YUM.

5.  Oldies but goodies.  We're talking jumpers.  Weirdly i don't own that many.  I say 'weirdly' since i'm the coldest person you'll ever meet and i'm rarely warm enough! Truth is, i'm fussy.  Last weekend i was rummaging at the very back of the top shelf of our wardrobe when i felt something brush my hand.  I couldn't reach {which is not anything new - FYI i can never reach most things in life!!} and had to get a little stool.  It was one of my all-time favourite jumpers that i actually looked for a few weeks back and had that little 'oh, i must have sent it to charity' sink in my tummy.  But alas!  There it was in all of it's bright and light pink striped woolly gloriousness and my heart {and body!} was so happy.  Infact i'm wearing it as we speak i type because Spring is for stripes and my heart is definitely ready for Spring even if the weather and the world isn't....

 6.   Sale buys.  I know *hangs head in shame*.  I always feel guilty buying in the sales after Christmas because i have always received such wonderful and thoughtful Christmas presents.  In my defense though, this is the only thing i've actually picked up and it's beyond spectacular and was reduced from £159 to £40!!!  Not in my defense though, it is ludicrously a lot impractical and definitely isn't something i'll wear every single day.  That said, putting it on and twirling and swirling around and even just staring at it hanging up makes me ridiculously happy.  And if you can't be a bit silly and buy something that cheers you up in long, grey January then who even are you?!?!?  It's THE most beautiful fringed, knitted cardigan-come-jacket from Anthropologie AND it's all oranges, pinks, mustards and reds and it's HEAVEN.  

7.   Tea.  I know if you had a pound for every time i've wittered on about that stuff on here then yes, okay yes, you would be a gazillionaire!  But this week, after working the last eight days in a row it really has been saving my bacon/sanity.  I even made two cups after my lunch at work on Monday. What's worse {or better...?} is that i made the second halfway through drinking my first because it really felt like it was fixing everything.  And do you know what?  The second cup was just as delicious as the first.  If, like me you're a professional seasoned tea drinker you'll know this is the equivalent of winning the lottery!

8.    Feeling happier in my own skin. This point has the potential to go on. And on.  And on and on and on and on and on and ON.  But in short, about a year ago i stopped using anything on my face, body and self that i didn't know what was in it.  This was really hard with make up.  You just get so used to covering your face up - piling on the products filled with who knows what.  I've always used natural skincare - well at least for past ten years or so but i only really started consciously putting thought into make-up over the past year or so {don't get me started on household cleaners - that's a essay story for another day!} and it's hard.  You don't realise a) how much you rely upon covering up and masking your face and b) finding products that work and don't cost the earth so that your new 'regime' is maintainable.  Well i think i'm getting there.  Better still i find that because my skin is better, i ironically am wearing less and less make-up than i ever would have.  I've never had perfect skin {who does?!} and i've forever envied those who cleansed, moisturised and dabbed a bit of concealer 'just where they needed it.'  But now that's me.   To some, this is silly.  To me it's a big deal.  Maybe i should share a bit more about natural stuff....?  Shout if it's something you'd like to read about.  

9.  Leftovers.  Gosh.  This weeks post is all very.....foody isn't it?!  I'm blaming the weather {because if in doubt always blame the weather!} and the short and dark days and my inclination to fuel up and hunker down somewhere warm.....  I digress.  This week has also been about pickles and chutneys and adding little teaspoons of sweet and sour to all kinds of dishes.  Big great thank you's going out to everyone that didn't laugh when I put 'interesting pickles, chutneys and jams' on my Christmas list way back when.  Chestnut chutney with crumbled feta, wilted spinach and cous-cous anyone.....?!  NOW who's having the last laugh...

*  *  *

And i'm zip, zip zippin' off again for another week already!  Don't forget you can fill your heart with ALL of the #wonderfulwednesday great and good by hop-scotching right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs  and reading what they're using for rocket-fuel for the rest of their weeks and what's been making their hearts happy.  Spread the word too! Also join in and chit-chat all things #wonderfulwednesday across social media remembering to use the tag so we can see!  I'm @sallytangle as always!

Have a lovely rest of week!  


  1. Oh Sally Sally Sally, thank you for this beautiful list of wonderfulness. Yes to all of it. I found a jumper I'd forgotten about at the back of my wardrobe this week too! It was my Nan's and when she passed away my Grandad asked me to go through all of her clothes for her, keeping things that I thought my sister, mum and I would wear and giving the rest to charity.

    As I finished packing up, my eyes spotted a jumper hanging on a chair, it had been the last thing she wore before going into hospital. Soft, navy blue and ever so warm I find it very comforting to wear. It's like having a little piece of her with me.

    Your porridge sounds AMAZING, unfortunately I can't eat banana and I spotted on twitter you said it's no where near as good with grated apple! I shall content myself with your delightful description instead.

    Your sale buy sounds beautiful, and how could you not buy it at that price?! I hope snow falls your way and sticks soon. I love listening to rain from my bed, is there anything cosier?!

    I'd really enjoy reading about natural skin care and make up products you use. I know all too well of the perils of bad skin. Mine seems to hugely be calming down now, in fact, dare I say it, it's the best it has been since my childhood!

    Sending lots of love your way my dear,
    Peta xx

  2. I LOVE choc porridge, have it for brekkie most mornings. I use Freedom Foods Choc Shot which is all natural stuff and SUPER chocolatey, its so yummy. Prob not as healthy as your recipe though, hehe. I would love to read anything you have to say on natural skincare. I still have my post along these lines in drafts (SO many blog post drafts that never see the light of day) mine is more of a look at cruelty free, but I would love to get my skincare more natural too. It's very hard as I always want convenience and cost effectiveness too. x



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