Wonderful Wednesday #212

{Sneaking in 'Spring' at every given opportunity}
ARGH.  Who can believe  it's Easter this weekend?!  Having had January feel like it really was three whole months long, i genuinely cannot believe that we're almost dipping our little toes into April.  APRIL.  I mean we're only really a hop, skip and i jump away from June and i half-feel like my year hasn't really begun somehow?  This week is following the same kind of 'whizz-past-you' kind of a pattern that they all are BUT i'm feeling good and like i'm {mostly!} in the driving seat.  Even if sometimes the brakes don't feel like they're working as well as i they could be.....I mean i should probably get that looked at really {!!}.  

I'm more than ready to celebrate the littlest moments of greatness, before I forget them or they whizz off back into the vastness of the past and get forgotten altogether.  Sometimes i really am grateful for this post....

1.  Blackberry jam.  I'm all about the condiments.  I mean, quite often it's a simple and unassuming condiment that can {dare i say it and go all Masterchef on you} really elevate a humble 'Something' to next level delicious-ness.  To be honest this week i'm all about the Blackberry jam which seems fairly 'so-so' -a thing to say BUT this is just a really jolly great jar of the stuff:  A leftover and almost-forgotten jar of Fortnum and Mason Blackberry jam from a Christmas hamper which is the perfect balance between being sugary jammy sweet and tart and tongue-tingling in equal measure.  And i know i'm predictable BUT i've been very much enjoying it dolloped on top of Meridian Peanut and Coconut butter on anything and everything:  Toasted crunchy sourdough and seedy sourdough crumpets naturally coming pretty high up the list.  Although, since we're all friends here i don't mind telling you that on Monday when i got in i did just eat a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter with a drizzle of jam and a sprinkle of toasted coconut just like that - straight off the spoon!  It was a lot of effort for that one spoonful.  But it was a really good spoonful of 'stuff.'

2.  Blossom and blue sky. *waits while practically the whole entire world yawns.*  But it doesn't hang around for long, those brilliantly beautiful cotton-wool dots of teeny tiny flowers that you blink and can sometimes miss if there's a blustery day or a wetter Spring.  But then of course there's always a pretty blanket of petals collecting in between the paving stones and hiding in each and every corner they're blown to.  And then of course there's Wisteria and Peonies and Hydrangeas to look forward to......I LOVE FLOWERS!

3.   A camel trench coat.  Something that i've always wanted and always lusted after.   The good kind:  Gold hardware, buckle detail on the wrist and a beautiful collar.  One that i always day-dreamed i'd wear for years and years until it fell apart - like a real classic item should do - no room for fuss or frivolity here!  And after telling myself it was an 'investment piece' and i should justify spending a little more, i found one on Ebay for £10! Brand new!  And we're the bestest of friends already and we go everywhere and do everything together and it just proves that some things are meant to be!

4.   That magical extra hour.  Well i guess it's only really an extra hour of daylight and one less hour of sleep on the day the clocks go forward {for the record,  this i am more than okay with and i enjoy how very thoughtful the universe is to have the clocks do their 'thing' on a Sunday, allowing most of us to catch up} but it's still feeling like a lovely treat three days later as i write this.  A treat to not feel like i have to rush and scurry home with my chin nuzzled into a scarf.  To more than notice the change in the smell of the air since Spring has officially sprung and even to just take note of all the visual changes along the way too:  Sneaky sprigs of green at my feet; the tiniest buds tentatively peeping out their little heads and testing if it's okay to spread their wings petals.  Without running the risk of sounding like one of those people you'd rather not be; A really good Spring day makes you feel glad to be alive and grateful for each and every breath it really does!

5.   A new twist.  I'm always whizzing up energy balls, bliss balls - whatever you like to call them - simply just balls of good stuff!  I like to just use what i've got in the house.  I've got such a sweet tooth and find that the basic 'recipe' can be altered to suit anyone and any kitchen cupboard.  You just need:  Nuts or seeds, dried fruit {any!}, sticky stuff {nut butter, coconut oil, honey, date syrup etc}, optional powder for flavour {cinnamon, maca, cacao, turmeric etc} and then something to roll them in to coat them {milled hemp or flax seed, cacao powder, cinnamon, finely chopped dried coconut} and then the world really is your toaster!  This week i made date, walnut and tahini balls and added a table spoon of raw cacao powder, one of maca and a teaspoon of coconut oil and rolled them in blitzed toasted coconut and a mix of cacao powder and hemp seeds and my WORD, i might have found my favourite flavour combo yet!  

6.   The littlest things:  Having a hot eucalyptus-y shower and washing my hair.  Putting on clean line-dried pyjamas straight from the radiator and sleeping in freshly washed and line-dried bedding.  It *could* be one of the best days of my life the year so far it really could.  

7.  A new plant.  Remember the new plant pot i told you about last week?  Well we found him a huge Peace Lily plant at the weekend and i am LOVING having such a big splash of green in our living-room.  As someone who isn't great with plants {i find i'm better just leaving them alone!} have i picked an easy plant to look after and has anyone got any house plant or Peace Lily tips?!?

8.  Sleeping.  Because my sleep can be up and down and so easily affected by what's going on in my life but lately, i haven't been able to get enough of the stuff.  Well i mean i have i just wish i could do it all day. Is it odd to really, just really love sleeping?!?  

*  *  * 

And i'm done!  This weeks list could have been much, much longer.  If only there was a way of saving some good from this week and carrying it over to a tougher, much more challenging one?  Either way this list comes about:  Whether it's short and sweet or long and wordy and over-descriptive {is there such a thing, i mean can you ever have too many words?!} the important thing is that it's HERE, it happens.  

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See you next week...?