Wonderful Wednesday #223

{Wonderful, glorious, summer blooms...}
Well hello!  How the devil do you and 'all that?!'  This week has been a tough one.  Long and lasting since this time last week.  If you read this early-doors i'm hoping i'll be curled up in the deepest sleep born entirely from sheer emotional exhaustion and a distinct imbalance in hormones.  Those little things are demons lately.  I'd put good money on the fact that they are trying to kill me i really would.  

Fear not.  I'm present and correct to count the best bits and i'm doing so to some of my favourite music.  Let's get on it...... 

1.  A breeze.  Even if it's one that brings with it a sprinkle or two of pollen and few hundred sneezes as a sneaky side order.  How ever it comes - be it sneaking up and under couple of curtains or just tickling my knees after a few crafty laps of our dear sweet park after the longest 'never-ending feeling' day; it's this time of year that makes you grateful for it.  For it's welcome cool, for the sweet wave of summer scent that travels upon it and even just for the ability it has to bring calm and clarity when you're feeling frazzled and tired and just done  for the day.  A summer breeze is just the bees knees.  

2.  A cool spot.  It's all about the 'keepin' cool' this week!  You can't beat the feeling that comes from finding a special cool-cottoned spot to curl up in and doze on a heady, heavy and humid feeling summer evening.  The kind where sleep doesn't come easy and you often wake feeling like you've been busier than you were awake - tossing and turning and unintentionally shrugging off the sleep that's trying it's very best to come.  That magical little cool spot is exactly that. 

3.  Mint tea.  Yes i'm that person that still likes hot drinks come this time of year.  I still crave my morning Cup of Magic no matter how good an icy glass of crystal clear water spiked with a few wedges of citrus tastes first.  Despite that, this weeks' beverage choice isn't even born out of a restless tummy - as it often can be where mint tea is concerned!  No, it comes purely from the fact that mint tea has the magical ability to cool, calm and refresh me no matter what time of bed.  It's the perfect mid-morning refresh-er; the most delicious after dinner 'settle-r' and even the very thing to calm a restless mind before bed.  It's the 'Fixer' of all teas in my opinion and is *even* delicious iced......Between you and i that was a little bit of an accidental revolution!

4.  Natural-ness.  I never appreciated how many other colours were dotted and sprinkled in my natural hair colour.  I count every single day as lucky that i have only one single grey hair on my head {i'm too scared to pull it out!} and have loved noticing what a difference a little bit of sunshine makes upon my little head.  You don't get that when you colour your hair - not that there's anything wrong with it - but you lose track of what's yours and what's not.  I always thought my little bright and light platinum blonde 'helmet' would stay with me forever but i weirdly feel more 'Me' than ever before with that tangle of dark blonde speckled with sun streaks of red and light blonde.  

5.   Ballet.  Have i told you i used to do proper ballet classes when i was a little bean?!  Despite the fact that we moved away and i distinctly remember forever being told by my mum that i was much more of a 'Pet Elephant' than any kind of graceful swan; i really used to love it.  I haven't plucked up the courage to try a proper class but i have been dabbling in You Tube ballet and 'Barre Core' exercises for the last two years or so and i really, really love them.  I love the slow stretches; the calming repetitiveness of it somehow and even the pain it brings.  It's brought more shape and definition to my arms and upper body and also my waist and for me it's the perfect antidote to a long and stressful day.  I roll out my mat, stretch and switch off.  This week and the seven days in a row at work that i feel like i've currently been wading through has had me really relishing evening time spent on my mat.  

6.  Music, magical music.  As i type this i'm listening to a live recording of 'Cosmic Love' by the mighty Florence and the Machine and i don't mind telling you that i have tears prickling my eyes and it's taking all of the will in the world to make sense and to concentrate on not letting them spill over and trickle right down my cheeks. I'm ok!  But it's been a funny week and i feel both physically and emotionally.....just a bit exhausted.  I'm in that kind of mood where i don't know *quite* what to do first.  And when i feel that way i listen to music and i write.  And it helps.  It fixes whatever wasn't really wrong somehow.  It fills that funny void and gap of 'nothing-ness'  and evens my little heart out again.  Music and words have always been my solace and this week they've really helped my frazzled little self.  Words have always been my 'Magic' and coupled with music.....?  Well in some form or another they'll forever tug at my heart strings and bring me comfort. Let's not even get me started on singing.....

7.    Sweet-pea FLOWERS!  Okay this had to go in this weeks post.  Incase you haven't seen my sweet-pea progress and approximately five billion squillion Instagram Stories tracking my green-fingered progress; this week my little baby-not-so-baby sweet-pea plants finally came into bloom!  I have grown them from teeny tiny seeds and i am ridiculously proud of that!  They're the prettiest tangle of flowers you've ever seen - all twisty and turny and a haphazard selection of green, white and purple.  I can't stop smelling them each morning and night when i also give them a little drink.  I just want to wait for a couple more to bloom before i can finally pick some to pop in the house.  

8.   A fringe.  For many fringe-shaped reasons simply for the fact that it covers my non-existent eyebrows meaning an extra few moments in bed has definitely been spent instead of fiddling and faffing  with make-up that i have just realised is actually entirely pointless given that it can't be seen.... OH AND for making me look younger.  Let's face it that's probably the reason it's stuck around for so long.  That and i have had a fringe for so long that i imagine it's nigh-on impossible not to have one.  My non-existent eyebrows and pale face would probably resemble a boiled egg.  

*  *  *

And i'm done.  I don't mind telling you this week's post has been tough.  I might have dug deeper than i ever have before.  But i knew i the words would come and that the the tumble of music as dear sweet company would propel me through. Sort of reminds me of revising for exams with my headphones on and my music turned up embarrassingly loud.  It felt like the world didn't understand how i could concentrate or how i could hear any kind of anything above and beyond the music in my ears.  Truth be told some of my very best work through school and university came from exceptionally loud and deceptively distracting music and singing at the top of my lungs at the same time.  Nice to see that not much has changed!

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See you next week...?!?  Where i promise they'll be far more frivolity...and far less spelling mistakes, missing words and general melancholy.