Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Deeply Dippy

I had the luxury of a whole week off work a few weeks ago and so i decided to get my DIY boots on!!  As i have probably mentioned before, my discount at Monsoon is rather generous, and so consequently i have rather a large wardrobe full of old Monsoon items!!  I am also lucky as i love Monsoon with all my heart and so i am quite happy to wear and wear everything until it falls apart.  Sometimes though, you just get a bit fed up of something, but you love it so much you don't want to throw it away.  

Now i have always been someone who is great at the ideas side of everything, and not necessarily so great at the cutting,sewing etc etc. So i hung up this little dress on the wall for almost a week.  Each time i went into our spare room, i kept thinking about what i could do…..dum de dum de dum…. And then i had it.  I was going to dip dye it.  

Now bear in mind the last time i remember going anywhere near dye was tie dying at Brownies! I mentioned it to my lovely friend Amanda of Uniquely Snowflake (she is a crafter extraordinaire!) and she said it should work.  And so i thought, well what can i lose?!

I literally followed the instructions on the Dylon Cold Water Dye which i got from our local Wilkinson for just £2.99.  Trust me, the whole process is 110% fool proof.  


A whole new looking dress for less than a fiver.  So now i am looking for my next Dye project!!  Have told Mr Lee he better not sit still for too long…


Prints Charming

I have never been gifted in the application of cosmetics.  Don't get me wrong i love make-up, and i can manage the basics - foundation, mascara, blusher etc;  and i am just about getting to grips with eyeliner.  Anything above and beyond that and i struggle.  Or look a bit like a drag queen.  

I like to think that i make up for it in what i wear, sort of in a way that maybe i don't need to do much with my face?  Wishful thinking or not, imagine my excitement when we got nail transfers in Accessorize a few weeks ago!!  If someone had asked me if i had ever thought about using nail transfers before, i would have probably turned my nose up a bit.  Largely because i would assume i would end up with them stuck every which way and nowhere near where they were meant to be; but also because i would imagine them being a little bit tacky or cheap!!

I remember the hype over super duper manicurist Sophy Robsons' cartoon eyes at Giles Deacon.  I loved them but thought i would never be able to re-create something so intricate at home.  How wrong!!! The Accessorize ones are lovely!!! Admittedly i was tranfixed hook line and sinker as they are such a beautiful little print, and so very me! And only £5! Which, i thought is extra incentive to have a go!! And i was not disappointed!! So very easy to apply, even for me, and they lasted over a week too.  

Unfortunately my research leads me to believe that they are not available online, but we have lots at work.  So i am almost positive that you should be able to get them at your nearest Accessorize.  They are also available in a quirky Union Jack design too, which i intend to try next time round.  Then i am going to splash out and try the Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop ones too…..very excited!!! 


Monday, 12 March 2012

Come Undone

Those who know me know that i am a girl who likes to mix it up, to put things together you shoudnt; things that dont necessarily match or colours that clash etc etc.  I am by no means the first person to do this, but i like doing this as its more fun, and a bit more original and it's almost a way of putting my own spin on something.  

I went to an exhibition a few weeks ago, called 'Little Black Dress'  with my lovely sister.  Wandering around the displays of black dresses from the 1920's to the 1990's and the old old copies of Vogue, it sounds silly, but it was really odd how neat and well put together everyone was back in the 1920's and 1930's.  Hair was neatly coiffed and shoes were matched perfectly to bags.  Most of my time spent in the morning is spent making sure i don't look too put together, too matching or too…..done.  Thats right i waste my time making myself look like i havent spent anytime whatsoever.  It takes bloody ages sometimes too!
My messy mop!
Messy Mop from above!

More Messy Moppiness!
I'm not on my own  We do our hair now, trying to create a 'messy bun' that 'bed head look' or even colour our hair to deliberately make it look like the roots are dark and it needs colouring.  There are products designed now to make your hair look like it needs washing, products to combat shine, and hundreds of online tutorials to teach us how to look scruffier and less polished.  My messy updo above started as a 'i'm off for a shower type hair pin up' or 'can't be jiggered to wash hair' or 'its too hot to do anything else with' kind of do.  I can't count the number of times i get asked how i do it.    

We do our make up to look natural, like we aren't wearing any!! It is socially acceptable to have chipped nails.  Years ago you would have been frowned upon if your nails were a mess.  

Clothes wise, we deliberately clash colours, prints and 'styles'.  And its almost as if you get extra fashion points for being able to do this!! Dont get me wrong, i know not everyone takes this approach, and i am by no means trying to say we are a world of scruffy messy grot bags, but it is really interesting how things have changed.  
Mis-matching…not my best work mind you!
Working in retail, i cant count the amount of times i can be selling something to someone and they might say something like 'i remember wearing these the first time round etc etc' or 'everything comes back round' etc, and to a certain extent they are right.  Most styles, eras or ways of dressing do come back around in some form or another.  But fashion evolves, and while i am ranting and raving about looking a bit scruffy like it is some thing new and unheard of…it started somewhere….it is just something evolved from something else.  

Maybe it is what Sixties hippy style dressing,mixed in with some 1970's Farah Fawcett flicks and a little bit of Eighties street wear/OTT perms and…scrunchies (?!) have given us.  

But although many of us do love to look super duper groomed and polished to perfection, what is different now, is that it is actually okay to look a bit of a mess.  For men to look unshaven,for girls to mis-match, not wash their hair everyday,or co-ordinate.  Maybe its the economic climate, or the increasing popularity of vintage and thrifting and the current 'Make Do and Mend'  attitude that is so very now, but you certainly dont need to have lots of money to look good now.  And you almost get extra points for looking less put together.   

Makes you wonder where this will all go doesn't it?! Hope everyone doesn't stop washing too…or shaving.  I might be a bit of a mis-matched raggamuffin, but i do have soft knees!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Box of Clever

I don't understand those who say they don't snack in between meals.  How can you not?! I like to think i eat relatively healthy, as balanced as i can, but i can never resist cake,or chocolate when push comes to shove.  I generally carry nibbl-ey bits around with me wherever i go….a banana here….a few almonds…..a flapjack…..sometimes a chocolate bar (for energy!!), but you know what it's like…when things have been squashed into your bag with 101 other things and a general collection of 'girl paraphernalia', they can become squashed and…not quite their best. 

And then one day a leaflet appeared on the desk at work, for Graze.  How in the whole world and beyond have i not heard of this before!?!?!?!?!?  
Graze is designed to help you snack healthily betwixt your meals, or for those times your energy needs a little boost!!  They have come up with over 100 delicious snacks and nibbles (most relatively low in calories!)to deliver right to your door for you to nibble as you wish. 
It's really simple to get in and get started too.  You simply bob onto their site; sign up, go through their snacks; rate each snack with 'bin try like or love' and based on that they make up a little nibble box personalised especially for lovely little you! Your box is delivered by First Class Royal Mail (UK only so far - sorry!) and each box fits perfectly through a standard letter box,only costing £3.79 including postage.  You have the option to cancel at anytime, and can choose to push back or change how often or how soon you get your box too.  It's really easy! And really really lovely.
My very first Graze Box…definitely not my last!
I have to confess, i did think at first that it would be too good to be true, but i am on my second box now, and there hasn't been one thing that i haven't loved!!! Plus eventhough they are designed for in between your meals, i have used them on other ways too.  The Fruit Sangria  is lovely in porridge and the Vanillary Seeds i mixed into my 3pm yoghurt. Mmmm!

Even more of a bonus and an absolute excuse to try is that for a limited time, you get your first box free and your second for half price - no catch!!! Simply enter LKFREEBOX in the promo code section and your away!!!

Happy Grazing!!!  

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Each, Beach, Wear Now!

Image courtesy of Google Images and some photobucket twiddling from me

Although i am always a Winter girl at heart and love nothing more than piling on the layers, deciding which bobble hat and mittens to wear and looking forward to mulled wine and gingerbread lattes…i always get excited at work when we get the new Spring Summer Lookbooks and new season campaign VM plans, and images sent through, and Spring Summer 2012 at Monsoon and Accessorize does not disappoint!!!  Both lookbooks are available online at Monsoon and Accessorize websites for those of you who can't get into your nearest store, or don't have one (oof, imagine!!!)

This season, i love love love everything about Accessorize!!! Looking through the look book just makes me want to wear a ring on every finger, stacks and stacks of beautiful bracelets, and get my hands on a little straw trilby…
And sort of feel a little bit Patriotic too….
Spring Summer 2012 at Accessorize is all about clashing prints, crazy geometrics, icecream pastels and quirky Britishness with a touch of our hippy Navajo - a little something for everyone, as always.  

But what i want to rave about, is the super duper splendid Beachwear this year.  We are quite small (but perfectly formed!) in Carlisle, but i couldn't resist picking up a Daisy Cut-out Bandeau Playsuit priced at just £30 and a Spot and Ruffle Sundress coming in at only £25.  The great thing about both these items are that they dont brek the bank and because they are primarily 'beachwear', they pop in at a much more affordable pricepoint.  I have worn both of them already!!! (Always a sign of a successful purchase in my book!).

  I layered my spot and ruffle dress with the Jala Print Top underneath and my old faithful Accessorize moustache necklace i ranted about in my last post!! This i paired with my old faithful Accessorize 90 denier tights (tis but March) and Monsoon brogues.  There is nothing stopping you sticking a cardi round your shoulders if your not a fan of layering.  I especially love the black and gold of the necklace against the white and gold rimed little buttons on the dress.  Such an easy and flattering shape to wear, and such a bargain for now, or when it gets warmer with ankle socks and shoes, or some simple flip flops and a wopping big floppy sun hat….maybe on a yacht…maybe.  


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