Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Prints Charming

I have never been gifted in the application of cosmetics.  Don't get me wrong i love make-up, and i can manage the basics - foundation, mascara, blusher etc;  and i am just about getting to grips with eyeliner.  Anything above and beyond that and i struggle.  Or look a bit like a drag queen.  

I like to think that i make up for it in what i wear, sort of in a way that maybe i don't need to do much with my face?  Wishful thinking or not, imagine my excitement when we got nail transfers in Accessorize a few weeks ago!!  If someone had asked me if i had ever thought about using nail transfers before, i would have probably turned my nose up a bit.  Largely because i would assume i would end up with them stuck every which way and nowhere near where they were meant to be; but also because i would imagine them being a little bit tacky or cheap!!

I remember the hype over super duper manicurist Sophy Robsons' cartoon eyes at Giles Deacon.  I loved them but thought i would never be able to re-create something so intricate at home.  How wrong!!! The Accessorize ones are lovely!!! Admittedly i was tranfixed hook line and sinker as they are such a beautiful little print, and so very me! And only £5! Which, i thought is extra incentive to have a go!! And i was not disappointed!! So very easy to apply, even for me, and they lasted over a week too.  

Unfortunately my research leads me to believe that they are not available online, but we have lots at work.  So i am almost positive that you should be able to get them at your nearest Accessorize.  They are also available in a quirky Union Jack design too, which i intend to try next time round.  Then i am going to splash out and try the Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop ones too…..very excited!!! 


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