Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oh. It's Raining Again.

It really shouldn't come as so much of a surprise to you that i am quite fussy.  With most things. I used to think i wasn't but then i thought about it and yes, yes i am.  Fragrance is no exception. 

It's not very often that rain is a good thing.  Except maybe if you are a plant, or a duck.  And if you are UK dwelling, you will know that recently we have all had our fair share of too much rain!  

This Rain is a fragrance which was about a fair few years ago now, around 2008 i think.  It was part of a new Marc Jacobs Splash range, along with Cucumber and Lemon.  These fragrances are EDT and lighter to wear than a perfume, so perfect for the day.  And for me as i don't like to think people keel over as i waft past them.  Rain was easily the most popular of the Splash collection, and it was also limited edition and nigh on impossible to get hold of.  Priced at £45 for a whopping 300ml bottle (that's big) it was also great value for money. 

I am always a little bit cagey about buying perfumes from fashion brands, rather than perfumiers.  But Marc Jacobs have never disappointed me.  Their fragrances are imaginative, have a real identity on the high street and have real staying power too.  

Rain really does smell like rain.  Of wet cut grass, with hints of strawberry, and maybe clementines, with just a touch of orchid.  Although it is described as a floral, it realy is quite fresh and not overly sweet at all.   

But yep it was limited edition, and i missed the Rain boat big time and settled for second best (in my books) and treated myself to Marc Jacobs Fig Splash EDT about two years ago.  This has always been my goto summer perfume.  Its unisex but light, fresh, a little bit floral but with cyprus and fig-gy undertones.  And it has real staying power.  I resigned myself to wearing my Fig in Summer and my Philosophy Falling in Love EDP in Winter.
Until now.

March Jacobs have re-launched the splash collection!! And from April this year, you can now buy 100ml bottles of Hibiscus, Kumquat and Rain for a really rather reasonable £29. 
Over.  The.  Moon. I hope now that this is a permanent edition and everyone doesn't go all mad and buy it all. Because i still have a quarter of my Fig Splash left and i'm sort of still wearing Philosophy;  it not really acting an awful lot like Summer around here lately and all that jazz.   


  1. I've been dying to try the splash collection! I really want to try the ginger splash but that ones tricky to get hold off :(
    I've heard great things about fig though and am quite interested to try rain now

    1. Well i am almost out of Fig, and think i am going to grab the rain as soon as i do, it almost seems bad fragrance etiquette to buy the next before finishing this. I have smelt the Ginger and it is divine, just a little bit spicy for me. I would happily wear any of the collection if i am honest as they are not the usual sweet sickly rubbish you get when a fashion house does a fragrance.

      Perfume rant over, thanks so very much for the visit xxxx



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