Friday, 18 May 2012

Liberty Loves Me


I have been going a little bit collar-crazy for a little while now.  I have said it before, and i am saying it again - we have all gone a little bit Geek Chic -  what with big black rimmed glasses, satchels and brogues making an appearance on all the runways and then eventually down onto the high street.  

I adore my brogues, and i love my beautiful satchel shaped bag, but one thing i have really embraced from this trend, is most definitely The Collar.  While i have had no problems finding blouses, T-shirts and tops with lovely peter pan collars, much to my delight.  I did have trouble finding any nice little detachable collars.

As you will know if you stop by here quite often, i like to be able to do a lot with what i wear, and i thought, if i could get a lovely detachable little fabric collar, i could turn all of my favourite blouses, T-shirts and tops into tops with collars.  And even better, wear them with all my favourite dresses aswell.  

Nowhere impressed me.  I tried ASOS.  Topshop.  Dorothy Perkins.  Ebay.  Boohoo.  House of Fraser.  Everywhere.  And although i came across numerous necklace-y collars (definitely much more necklace than collar), nothing really set my heart alight.  So i thought i would have a nosey on Etsy…

I was amazed at how many lovely handmade collars there were that i got a bit lost in them.  Then i thought, imagine how lovely it would be if you could have a fabric collar made in Liberty fabric?! If you don't know by now, i am a little obsessed with Liberty.
And then i found Katiebcrafts.  What makes this little tale so much more sweet (and made me quite excited!).  Is that i came across Katie completely by accident.  And i actually used to work with her at the lovely Monsoon Towers many many moons ago!

Katie uses Liberty fabric in all her crafting escapades, and that can be anything from dresses, gift-y bits and pieces and customisations.  Like her beautiful Liberty  Pocket Tees for Welcome Skate Store in Leeds.  

I cannot put into words how very in love i am with my little collar, and it has received many many compliments as well.  I paid £10 for my handmade Liberty fabric collar and got to choose two fabrics, so that the collar was reversible (Mileage! Mileage!) so i chose two quite different prints, a dark and a light.  The collar is beautifully stitched and fastens with a beautiful little pearlised button in the centre.  And its just the perfect finishing touch to anything - dress, jumper, blouse, collar-less coat.  
You can find Katie on Etsy and also follow through Instagram under 'Katiecostume.'  She is also working on a website aswell.  Where (i hope) you will be able to buy many more lovely Liberty bits and pieces.  But you better be quick….before i get there first!



  1. I love collars too!! u got some pretty ones =)

  2. Wow, what a pretty collar, I am drawn to any item of clothing with a peter pan collar, they just complete an outfit so well. I am off to check out her Etsy shop!
    Jo x

  3. I am pretty much head over heels in love with collars right now! They are just so wonderfully adorable!

  4. Lovely post, I like the softness of your photos, they look so dreamy :) And I love peter pan collars, they suit almost any top or chunky knit! Now that I've found collars made by Liberty (always gorgeous fabric) I'm pretty stoked :)


  5. Aww, these collars are so cute! Love the fabrics... I really don't need any more tops (as much as i try to convince myself otherwise...) so one of these might be the way to go to give my wardrobe a bit of a cheap and cheerful update!
    Kaz x

  6. I love those collars! Such a simple addition to an outfit that makes a huge difference!!!



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