Thursday, 17 May 2012

Outfits: Picking Strawberries

No i am not actually dressed for picking strawberries!! It is far far too wet up here in not so sunny Cumbria to be doing any of that.  But when i put these two bits together, i instantly thought i wouldnt look out of place donning some navy and white spotted gardening gloves!! And maybe a nice little V&A printed trowel…

I am losing my way again.  I was flicking through my mood boards and updating them this morning, as it poured down outside, and i came across the one pictured above.  And so that is kind of where the idea and colour inspiration for popping the floral blouse underneath my new playsuit came.  And my spotty Accessorize headband is as turban-ey as i get.  I do suppose it is a little bit 1970's too.  The pictures above are just so lovely as they are all in tones of navy and blues but with soft prints altogether.  Somehow they just work really well.  

I thought it might be quite nice to sometimes pop snippets of my Mood boards in with my outfit posts, just so you can see where i'm coming from.  

I couldn't not put my lovely Liberty of London watch on with this little ensemble.  And my blue skull ring again…oops. Well i like it.   

I must make sure i do not wear my lovely new Topshop playsuit tommorrow again as well.  That would be three times this week already!  But i think its interesting to see that you can do so much more than just…put it on as is?  So many times people are put off buying a playsuit, jumpsuit or similar as they think you can't do very much with them.  I hope i am living proof that they can be more than you would think.  I am quite excited at the prospect of tying a scarf round my neck under the collar in a big bow (a little bit Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland?! Mad Hatter?!) or wearing my huge cosy black and white spotty jumper over the top with a little belt round.  Oh or with some navy blue and cream ankle socks and bare legs….one day.

But maybe i will pop it away for a little bit now. 



  1. what a fun outfit! you are just too cute, girl!
    and don't worry, i always wear my favorite outfits more times than i should in a week ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Aww, that is pretty. I love the mixed florals!



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