Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Outfits: Chanel-ling Flowers

I keep thinking i should just make this blog all about Outfits…i can't deny they are my favourite kinds of posts!!  So i am sneaking one in this little space…

Well today i rocked my new favourite Topshop skirt.  Before we go any further, although i am still very new to the blogosphere, i always read on peoples outfit posts that they feel bad for repeating pieces in outfit posts….get used to it here!!  I don't like to think that people ever see me wearing the exact same thing over and over again, and i never would.  But the beauty about clothes are that you can do so so many things with them.  I like to think that i often repeat myself…but i wear it differently each time.  To me its almost a challenge!  I hang something up on the wall (the deciding place), and think 'Yep i want to wear that again' but what can i do with it this time?

It can be as simple as putting a different colour of tights with it…layering something underneath…wearing it with stronger accesories….or maybe wearing a hat….doing my hair differently…..picking out a different colour to put with it.  All those things can completely change the way the outfit looks.
Yep so aaanyway i digress.  For months now i seem to wearing my little tweedy Monsoon blazer with everything.  So much so that i forgot what other lovely little jackets i have got!!  I have never been a fan of big, hairy, woolly coats - even in the Winter.  I would much rather wear three tops, mittens and a bobble hat…even two pairs of tights!!  I think it's because i am always on the go.  Either on Willow, or running about around town.  And i spend a large proportion of my working life up ladders, or dashing about finding co-ordinating jewellery or shoes, bag et all to go with items for customers.  It's nice to have the option to remove things if you need to!!

I fell in love with this jacket when we got two returned at work and we didn't normally stock them.  Its a little bit Chanel-esque, and i love the big bow!! I am not a very dressy person, but this can be worn quite dressy too.  Or just with skinny cords and pumps.  It has mileage!! And i am all about the fashion mileage!!
Underneath my lovely little skirt this time, i popped a playsuit.  Which is a bit mad.  And a bit un-toilet friendly!! You've got to be good at crossing your legs in this get up!!  I will probably do a post showing the whole playsuit, but i love it so much!! I got it Topshop sale for £15, reduced from £48….a steal!! I loved it from the word go.  And now i love it so much more a) because it was £15 and b) because they have tons of them left.  Which means i am not very likely to see anyone else wearing it anytime soon.  

I harp on about matching your prints carefully; about choosing similar colour groups, about not being too fussy etc etc.  I only think this works because one print is far far fussier than the other.  Even though they are miles apart colour-wise.  

The ring is another Topshop sale bargain.  I am loving skulls at the moment. My love began on my birthday last year with my Meg Matthew's for Liberty of London silk scarf.  Sort of toughens up the outfit.  And doesn't really go.  That's why it sort of does.  

Then i went all Sister Sister on my feet again.  Just to pop a little bit of colour at the bottom.  
And put my hair in a pony tail instead of my usual scruffy bun..ish.  Just for a change.  But its still a little bit scruffy somehow.  

Really don't think i suit being neat and polished.  I don't feel comfortable unless i am a little bit dishevelled!!

* Please note, full outfit details available in Outfits section.   


  1. I love this outfit, so pretty. I know what you mean about always wanted to look a little bit messy, I'm like that too, I don't like the overly groomed and polished look. Like I always prefer it when my nails are a bit chipped! haha.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, so nice to meet fellow Carlisle bloggers. Bloggers are always so friendly, it makes me smile so much to get nice comments.
    Jo x

    1. Helloo, you are very welcome for the comment, its a lovely blog! Im glad that its not just me who likes to look a little bit of a scalleywag!!! Thank you so much for stoppping by, for the follow and for the twitter follow. I am always amazed when people read my little ramblings, i feel very smiley!!!!

      Lotsv love xxx

  2. Fab idea putting the playsuit under your skirt... I've got one from Topshop that I always feel guilty for not wearing more. Wearing it on its own can get a bit samey so maybe I'll experiment with a bit of layering myself (on a day where spending hours undressing/redressing for toilet stops won't be too much of an issue!).
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog, its lovely to discover that a few people are actually reading it! Hopefully my quest for new brogues will be a success one day :)
    Kaz x

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Your post just really resonated with me!! There are so many times when i wish i had bought two or three of something as i love them so much. My brogues were one of those purchases!

      Give the playsuit as a top a go…you do need to not drink too much though…lol.

      Thanks again xxxxx

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, would love to follow your blog! Please put your followers list on the wall and let me know :)

  4. Jealous of your skirt! It's so pretty! :)



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