Thursday, 3 May 2012

Super Guilty

If i could type at the same time, right now i would be hanging my head in a little bit of shame.  But if i did i would probably spill my Lady Grey, or bang my head on the keyboard of the Mr's pretty Mac.  Or mis-spell more than normal.  

I have been in a predicament for a little while. For some strange and unknown reason i have become more aware of my skin and skincare and how my skin looks.  I really am not sure why.  But i started to think about my skincare, and if i am still using the right bits and bobs on my skin to make it look as best it can.  I vary my actual skincare regime…ish, but not dramatically and thats only season-dependent.  

When i was younger i never really knew what i was doing and used to have grotty oily skin which used to get breakouts and just looked awful whatever i put on it.  I used to hardly ever moisturise because i could never get a moisturiser that didn't make me look like i'd given myself a good dust and polish with half a can of Mr Sheen!    I was also pretty clueless how much what you eat and drink can do to your skin and so i didn't really pay much attention to that either.  

However i moved away from home, found my feet in most aspects of my life, and stumbled upon Lush.  Ever since using their products, my skin has compleeetely turned around. I use Ultrabland to remove my makeup, Angels on Bare Skin to cleanse and exfoliate my skin, and Imperialis to moisturise.  And for the last two years or so, or at least since it has been invented, i have used Lush Colour Supplement in Light Pink as a Foundation.  

(It is also worth mentioning that i also eat quite healthily and drink at least 1.5litres of water a day, and also sleep a lot more and a lot better than i ever used to).  

For those who do not know what i am wittering about, Lush Colour Supplement is a gentle cream based product with natural rose petal infusion, soya and rice bran oils inside.  Basically Lush' answer to makeup.  You can wear it neat, by blending onto your skin after moisturising.  Or as a tinted moisturiser by mixing in with your usual moisturiser and applying.  
Now the fact that i have used it for almost two years tells you it is not a bad product.  It gives a very light coverage, is really easy to blend and is very natural, plus it is a fab price point at £7.95.  The only downsides are that it doesn't last too long on the skin, especially if you are a busy bee like me;  there are not many shades to choose from, and if your skin isn't already in relatively good nick, it doesn't do very much to make it look too much better.  But its massive selling point to me, like all other Lush Products, are that it is 100% organic, fresh, and handmade, and ultimately fairly and ethically produced.  

Clinique is probably not.  Well actually i don't know that.  But i couldn't find very much on that kind of thing on their website.  But i am ashamed to say that i am back on the Clinique foundation.  I used it for a brief spell before my skin got lots better and before Lush did makeup.  And i was very impressed.  And i really hate to say it, but i am once again impressed.  I had a chat with a lovely girl who recommended i go for Superbalanced, the one that replaces a foundation they used to use, called Superfit.  

Priced at £21.50, it is a lot more expensive than Lush' Colour Supplement.  Having said that, i used a mere dot this morning.  Clinique Superbalanced is described as 'a great equaliser for skin'.  It claims to give moderate coverage, be long wearing and to balance oily and combination skin.  

And it does all of the above and more.  It goes on really easily, and makes me look like i am not really wearing makeup.  And i can really easily build it up for a night out, or wear very little for through the day.  It really helps conceal my pores, which are still 101 scrubs away from not being there anymore.  (Apparently they reduce in your late twenties/early thirties). 

I wait with breath that is baited. 

But truth is i feel really awful about it.  And i don't know if that just makes me a wally.  I feel almost as if it has beaten me!! I just feel so much more confident wearing the Clinique foundation.  Most people say i have got good skin.  But i feel so much more confident in it wearing the Clinique.  

It's maybe one of those things…because i am so used to my skin being awful, i still have it at the back of my mind that its not as nice as it could be.  And we are all looking for wonder products to improve what we already have arent we.
So i will continue to recycle…use non-sulphate/non-paraben shampoo,conditioner, body butter and shower gel and washing up liquid.  And eat organic meat,fruit and vegetables.  And put all the chemicals on my face instead.  And feel Super Guilty.  


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