Thursday, 21 June 2012

Do You Recognise Me?

Ironically i am sat at home tip-typing out this little post wearing my new lovely Topshop sale sundress (with the tags still on - i am road testing you see.  In a kind of 'have a really bought this/ will we really have anymore sunshine' kind of way). I got changed as soon as i got home, namely because i was soaked through to the bone, despite wearing 90 denier black tights, a vest, a blouse and tweed shorts.  Oh no my friends it is not Winter, it is infact bloody June.  

I am not going to rain-rant again, i fear my last three posts have mentioned rain!!
Today was my lovely day off, and so after a little lie in and some crumpets with ginger preserve and a big mug of Lady Grey, oh and a little bit of One Tree Hill (don't you love E4?!), i decided i would brave the elements as i needed boring bits from town. 

Although i am brave and unfazed by getting a little bit soggy as i normally look like a bit of a scruff bag anyway; today was definitely not a day to brave the park with lovely little Willow.
The one plus about our British Summer is that it is making me think a lot more about what i am wearing and be a little bit more imaginative.   

I love this outfit.  It is really comfortable, practical and very weather proof!! I have been really getting into the whole androgyny/geeky chic  vibe that is about at the minute, but with my own spin.  I love little blouses with collars tucked into shorts or skirts, tights and my brogues and my satchel.  And the great thing is on the odd day that we do have bit of sun, i can bob some little ankle socks with them instead!  

Those who know me will know i am a very girly girl.  Not in a 'fake tan, glittery, lipgloss' sort of way, but i love my clothes, my prints, my accessories etc, and my newest, most favourite addition is my little Monsoon Childrens pink bow hair clip, which i have been loving wearing as a little bow tie with all my little printed blouses. 

Here i popped i with a really old Topshop printed blouse and my little Monsoon tweed cropped jacket, and my D.I.Y little tweed shorts.  I bought the trousers many many years ago from Gap, lovely little black tweed with sweet little pockets.  And while i loved them, i hardly ever wore them.  Then when i was stuck for a Halloween costume to wear to work a few years ago, i decided i was going to be a clown (bear with me, it worked honestly!).  So i chopped them into little shorts, and i have worn them so so much since! 

Incase you haven't twigged yet the post title is actually an Emelie Sande lyric in celebration of the fact that, accompanied with my very lovely Mum, and for her Birthday which was last Sunday, we shall be going to see the lovely lady in November this year. 

We went on a little expedition to see Moby for my 18th birthday (his '18' tour) and to see Muse a few years later but we haven't been on a musical adventure since so it will be super special!!!!



  1. Lovely outfit, i really like all those prints amd fabrics together :).
    I agree about the weather forcing a bit of dressing imagination... I'm desperate to wear all my more summery clothes but the endless rain is making it a challenge and i'm pairing stuff together that i never otherwise would have!
    Kaz x

  2. Gorgeous photographs! I love how you combined tweed and pattern it works so well!

  3. So sweet!
    Love all tat floral design!



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