Sunday, 17 June 2012


 So today it rained.  Again.  Albeit not completely all of the time, just fits and spurts and random showers, combined with angry wispy wind.  When you are trying to get out on a bike this can be most annoying.  Unlike Saturdays saturating 'soaks you to the skin' type rain, today was at least manageable, in a 'as quick as you got a bit wet you got a bit dry' due to the    wind. 

I did however make an exciting discovery in the shape of a lovely vintage print shower cap.   It works perfectly to cover the lovely leather saddle on Willow, and makes sure my behind is kept warm and dry too…even if my plaits aren't.

Every Cloud!


  1. Brilliant idea! I love how us Brit bloggers like to include the weather in our posts, myself included. How terribly British of us!

  2. im so sick of the rain! lets hope we get a summer some time soon! :) x



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