Friday, 15 June 2012

Meet Me in Marrakech

For me, clothes are many many things.  To speak a thousand words without uttering a single one; to escape to a different place a million miles away, or simply a way to be crazy and creative and always always, colourful.

My find last week ticks every single box there is.  

Contrary to what most would believe i am not a big shopper.  I have my haunts - the places i like to wander regularly and of course i need to wear current Monsoon and Accessorize stock for work, but i don't buy from elsewhere very often at all.  When i do, it is only when i fall truly madly deeply for everything about a something:  when i can imagine it working with many other items in my wardrobe, wearing it lots of different ways and for lots of different things, and lastly but by no means leastly, if its very unlikely i will see someone else wearing it.  

I know that sounds silly.  But there is some triumphant feeling in the admiring glances and compliments you get when you are wearing something nobody has seen before, or isn't very available.  My biggest hate hate hate where clothes are concerned is seeing ten people wearing exactly the same thing the same way with no imagination.  Fashion is about celebrating individuality and taking something you have fallen in love with and making it your own.  

I digress.  Last week i stumbled upon the most beautiful dress in TK Maxx.  This is no real surprise to me as i find most of my favourite bits and pieces in there.  I never understand people who dont like the place.  I think this is largely down to the fact that its not merchandised, or laid out in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye or in a way that helps you build an outfit.  But i could spend hours there! Days even!

May i introduce you….

Oh how i love this lovely dress.  I always thought i would have to be middle-aged to wear a wrap dress.  I remember all the fuss, frolics and excitement around Diane Von Furstenberg's iconic wrap dresses and always thinking they were not only far far too expensive for little me, but also a little bit old fashioned too.  

Maybe this post is actually a sign I am middle-aged, not that i found a beautiful dress?!

As you may have guessed if you nosey about here, i love my print and colour and this was what first drew me to the dress - it reminds me of Morocco; of warm evenings drinking Rose tea with lots of candles and tealights…there would be a strong smell of incense, maybe frankincense, something warm and heady….sounds of a market in the distance…oh i just escape by even looking at it.
Morroccan-ey moodboarding


Just a bit more….

In reality i am in a very rainy Carlisle drinking Twinings Lady Grey and nibbling Green and Blacks Almond-ey chocolate in my pyjamas.  But i can dream.  

And that is my very favourite part about this dress.     

Dress, Clements Ribeiro Portobello, £29.99 (RRP apparently £189.99);  Bag, French Connection, £75 many many years ago.  Skull ring, Topshop, £2 (sale price).  Peacock earrings, £5, H&M a long long time ago.  Charm bracelets (just seen) £8 each, Accessorize.


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  1. I happened onto your website because of this post mentioning Clements Ribero who I love and I was really enjoying reading your posts, you have a lovely style of writing. However, I must say I was disappointed to read in one of your posts where you went on about how 'huge' a size 16 dress was. I am a size 14 myself and it just made me feel very self conscious I think you should think a bit about how your writing can make others feel. Thanks for reading this



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