Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Swept Away

When i met the Mr, i knew he played guitar, aherm bass guitar.  I must make sure i get that part right before we even go on any further.  

But then i found out that he taught guitar.  And made guitars too - bass guitars.  And so it shouldn't i suppose be any surprise that he doesn't very often bring a guitar anywhere near our little somewhere.  Which is why it feels like such a lovely treat to be able to watch him play, or just twiddle twoddle about a bit with a guitar.  This is a very very rare treat. Makes me feel all funny inside.  

Funny insides apart, i was also lucky enough to see him twiddle about a bit more last week, thanks to Carlisle Music City - a non-profit making organisation designed to showcase and celebrate new and up and coming local talent.  

Last week a different band played each day on the the city's humble little bandstand (normally only ever used for squawky brass band playing, even more squawky tribute acts, and sometimes carol singers at Christmas time)  So real bands, playing real music and also being local, was a real treat to the ears!!  

The Mr played on tuesday.  I unfortunately was working but managed to sneak out at lunchtime and hide and watch.  With a huge smile across my cheeks.  
'mylittlebrother' Tuesday 6th June, Carlisle City Centre as part of Carlisle Music City.  



  1. I can't believe I missed all of these band stand performances! it's really inconvenient not working in town anymore, haha. Your boyf's band sound really good.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog too, I was looking for your email address to send u a quick email but cannot find it on here? Just to let you know I work in the Alumni office of UOC and if you would like I can check you are both on our email list to get our newsletters and such like. Im on jothestrange at gmail.com. x

  2. thats so cool that he makes guitars!! :) x



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