Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I Run Around Town...

I feel a little bad as my lovely day yesterday was not very royal, regal or jubilee-ey at all!! I caught a quarter of the Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace, then watched the Made in Chelsea season finale instead, then fell asleep! Don't judge me too harshly!!

I did however have the loveliest little bike jaunt with Willow, it being so lovely and sunny and all.  And i suppose we did ride under some bunting.  But i also got a little snap happy at all the summery-ness too and so i thought id share a bit…

Beautiful lovely blue skies!  Really had to concentrate on remaining on said bike and stop looking upwards. Too pretty!!

Bitts Park in Carlisle city centre is my usual stomping ground for all things bike shaped - these pictures do not do justice to how lovely it is, any time of year, but at the minute it feels particularly pretty now all the summery blooms have come out to play!

When i got my Pashley Penny a little bit ago, well just a touch after Christmas, i couldn't get enough of scooting about everywhere in my mittens and bobble hat, even if it was -3 outside.  For me this was big news.  I have never been into exercising.  I tried to run (this sounds daft, but turns out there is a wrong way to run) and injured some funny leg muscles which meant i had to go down the stairs on my bum for over a week.  Then, i proudly taught myself to swim. This took about three months! And although i didn't mind it; there was the whole raspberry pavalova of getting changed/showering etc.  

I am a fairly slim-ish sort of size 8-10, now.  And i eat quite healthy, give or take the odd splurge.  But i have the sort of composition which means i must exercise to be the size i am.  Plus i feel like i am grumpy and a bit bleurgh if i have no exercise and breathe no fresh air.  

But i have found my thang. I love love love whizzing and whirring about on little Willow, and i am really loving summer-y whizzing around even more!!!  

Yesterday wasn't all about whizzing, i did stumble upon The Most Amazing Dress in the world…can't wait to show you.  Don't move!!!!!



  1. Oh I love ur blog! all your pics are so surreal! So Pretty! :) x

  2. Your bike is sooo pretty! I walked through Bitts the other day too and couldn't resist snapping, the flowers are so colourful! x

  3. Thanks for popping by you are too sweet <3 im glad you commented ive discovered your blog YAYAYAYAYAY!! :D Your background is too cute! I sososososo love your bike, id go cycling if i had it too. im not a sporty person :/ so me saying that is a major statement!

  4. beautiful photos dear :)

    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  5. gorgeous photos!
    you have a lovely blog!
    would you like to follow each other?



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