Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Sun Had Got Its Hat On

It's true.  Believe it or not the sun came out the week before last and i got far too excited for my own good.  Sadly, it was the week after i was off work which wasnt too jolly but nevermind!

I always think i am much more of a Winter gal where seasons are concerned, until Summer peeps through and then i love it!! It's almost like i forget how much i love the lovely long nights, how lovely everything smells and how smiley and happy the sunshine makes everyone.  And sleeping with our big attic window open so you can hear the birds tweeting.  Don't you eat better in the sunshine too?! I am quite healthy minus the odd chocolate chip cookie, aherm.  

But i have been enjoying munching my way through pomegranates, nectarines and strawberries; and chopped cucumber dipped in natural yoghurt and mint.  And enjoying making unusual combinations for salads for our tea.  And putting fresh mint in everything!  SO consequently i have been a tad absent due to late evening bike rides, Pimms with my sister and feeling almost a little guilty being inside!  
 That said i did snap a little get up last weekend, before i raced out into the sunshine.  I always feel like i dress better in Winter too.  I am good with layering.  I enjoy my mittens. And if you know me well, you'll know i don't have a problems wearing tights and donning a scarf! 

 As soon as the Sun pops out, most people i know race to slather their legs in bright orange fake tan.  I stopped bothering a long time ago.  Blond hair, virtually no eyebrows and freckles means i am very pale and tend to just go pink and blotchy in the sun.  The jig is up! This Topshop playsuit is perfect for my Summer bike riding, because i don't have to worry about it blowing up in the breeze and baring my behind to the whole of Bitts Park.  Nobody wants to see that after tea!  I also love my playsuits.  This one is sweet, cool and a little bit vintage-y too because of the lovely floral print.  And there's something so fresh and lovely about blue and white together isn't there?!

Never one to wear one print at a time, i paired it with my teeny tiny Cath Kidston cross body bag. This is actually a kids bag, but i love the little-ness of it.  The bigger the bag, the more unnecessary clutter i carry.  Fact.  On my feet i am wearing the sweetest little shoes in the world.  They are many years old, well at least five or six.  They are pale pink leather peeptoes with a very small wedge heel and i got them from Faith Shoes.  They are lovely as they are quite smart, but really comfortable and easy to match up with most things, from rolled up jeans, skirts and playsuits.  

My hair was playing up and was to soft to stay up and too raggamuffin-esque to be just down without any kind of anything, so i stuck a little spotty Accessorize headband on.  Quite like the spots and flowers combo.  Quel suprise.

Have a lovely Jubilee Weekend World!

I would like to say i am wearing this today, but in typical British style, the weather is antarctic out there and so i am in my 90deniers…again!  Off out for lovely cocktails with the sister :)


Playsuit, Topshop, £38 (No longer online! Sorry!)  Shoes, Faith Shoes, back in the day, £40, Headband, Accessorize, £8, SS11.  



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