Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer in the City

It's love. 

Yesterday i relented and purchased the beautiful maxi skirt you see before you.  It wasn't in haste.  We have spent quite a bit of time together over the last few weeks; exchanged many glances; and dare i say it - a little bit of physical contact too.

This loveliness is not from my usual haunts, but from the M&S Indigo range - which rather surprised me as it's not somewhere i would ever usually think of wandering.  If truth be told i was actually en route through to the food-hall when i first spotted it.

According to M&S, the Indigo range is 'Pretty mix and match pieces in denim, ethnic inspired prints and co-ordinating colours.  Women with busy lives will love this feminine, everyday casual wear.' 

Well yes i am a woman and to say i am busy is an understatement; but i think for my age group, buying from M&S comes with a little bit of a tag.  And it's not just me.  I had the skirt on when the Mr came in last night (road testing you see) and our conversation went a bit like this:

Him:  'Ooh i like your skirt'
Me:  'Thanks.  It's new.  I am just wearing it for a bit to decide if i should keep it.  I love it.'
Him:  'Where's it from? I like it.  You should keep it.'
Me:  'M&S'
Him:  'Oh. Right. Where they sell the big pants?'
Him:  'How was your day?
It is a good job i am not of a sensitive disposition.  Buying clothes from M&S has somehow become peppered with hints of a late thirties, little bit overweight, ruddy complexioned, possibly sanitary towel wearing women.  Or is it just me?  Apologies if that may be a little harsh, but it's not Zara or French Connection is it?

I have to say in all honesty though, after countless brief rendezvous with The Skirt before i purchased; i did have a good nosey around the rest of the collection and i was pleasantly surprised.  I found several slouchy, over sized jumpers i would love, a handful of beautifully printed swingy tops, and some fab skinny plum cords too. And they have some lovely ankle boots too.  

As someone who is always saying 'its not what you wear, its how you wear it' i fear i should heed my own advice. 

When i think of my style and what i like to wear, i seem to go for quirky pieces in unnusual prints, and clashing colours, or things that are very relaxed, a little ethnic or bohemian.  This little wonder has me back in the latter camp.  Not only do i love the colour - a rich pinky plum which gets a little lighter towards the bottom; but its all in the details to.  So so many maxi skirts about at the moment are either overly summery (i know it is summer, but it is British summertime!) or made of jersey.  I don't mind jersey for its versatility and cheapness, but it doesn't look as lovely as other fabrics can.  This skirts got mileage.  

This beautiful heavyweight cotton is cool enough for now, with a little vest popped inside; but it will work equally well when the nights draw in and it gets cooler - even better probably with a chunky slouchy jumper, ankle boots or brogues and a lovely satchel.  

Because i am very pale, i love warmer plum-ey tones, but made this a little softer by pairing it with a pale pink old Topshop vest, and then pinned an oversized burgundy flower to the vest, just because.  I didn't actually brave the lovely floppy hat into town today, as i was riding Willow and just knew it would blow off my head once the wind got underneath it. I have attached a little bit of ribbon round it so i can fasten it round my neck, but i feel like an extra from Little House and the Prairie….not a good look!
If i was lucky enough to be meandering through the fields of Kendal Calling this weekend, i would definitely be rocking this get up!

Vest:  Topshop, two or three years ago.  Skirt:  M&S Indigo Collection, £29.50.  Skull ring:  Topshop, £3.50 AW11 sale.  Bracelets:  Accessorize, many years ago.  



  1. LOVE this post, love the conversation you had, brilliant! I'm with you though, even if I really liked something in M&S, something would be stopping me wanting to buy it, but I really love this skirt. Great colour and pattern :) xx

  2. This post is brilliant! You made me laugh out loud re your conversation with your other half...laughing with you btw as I can just picture the same conversation with my husband! Lovely, lovely skirt and M&S, ooh well I'm a total fan. I can always find something lovely, even if it is some new pants! ;-) Actually another major plus for me with M&S is the fact that they do half sizes in shoes. Hardly anywhere does and as a size 4 1/2, it totally floats my boat! And the prices are pretty darn good too! :-) x

  3. I love this xxx such prettiness <3

  4. As if this skirt is from M&S... definitely wouldn't have guessed so otherwise! Looks lovely, the colour is great :).
    I have such a ridiculous hang up about Marksies... even if I'm just going in to buy tights (about the only thing I can bring myself to buy in there apart from food!) I get freaked out by the fact that I'm at least 15 years younger than everybody else in there!

  5. ahh, your skirt has the most gorgeous pattern! i bought a top from M&S a few years ago and i still love it - awesome when you find hidden gems like this in unlikely shops :)xo

  6. What a great skirt, will have to look out for it! The thing that I love about shopping at M&S is that none of my friends ever have the same things, I've picked up some great stuff in the past!

  7. Love the maxi skirt <3.

    Sadie x

  8. Lovely blog.

  9. M&S actually have great clothing, I think people are too quick to judge it sometimes. That skull ring is fabulous!

    Love from, MISSIFFA

  10. That skull ring is HOT x



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