Tuesday, 24 July 2012

All Tied Up

I can't ever remember not wearing scarves.  To me they are my most favourite accessory.  A 'something' that can completely update an outfit, change the way something looks, bring out a different colour in a dress or, like so many of my scarf purchases, make up for the fact that i cant afford a whole new outfit and so simply opt for a new scarf!

Last week i had a traumatic scarf dilemma.  Anyone who knows me will know the sheer volume of scarves i own.  So many infact that they are in three different places in our wonderful abode; just so i can keep track.  I have my big box of knitted, woollen, wintery scarves (which are kept with my woolly bobble hats and mittens too).  Then there is my overnight flowery weekender bag which lives under the bed and is filled with my not-quite-wintery enough for winter cotton,jersey and viscose scarves (think autumn and spring - the in-betweeners if you will).  And lastly but probably my most treasured scarves - my lovely little silk scarves.  These live in various places:  Hung on a wooden coat hanger on the back of the door in the spare room;  Draped around what i plan to wear them with next, and hung in wardrobe number two in the spare room.  Or rolled up neatly in between my jeans in a big canvas trunk under the bed. 

Last week i lost a scarf.  

Or rather more i have since discovered that i didn't in fact lose it, i actually gave it away to the lovely charity shop in Denton Holme by mistake.  I cannot quite understand how this happened, given my super scarf organisation and the fact that i know each and every scarf by name colour, type, material.  I cannot possibly go back into the charity shop to re-purchase the scarf I accidentally gave away.  What a wombat.  What's worse is that i actually considered this.  Until i remembered that i often see said lovely old lady from the charity shop in our local supermarket and she always says hello.  (She remembers me from all the clutter giving away i did when we first moved in here - we had lovely little chats over tealight holders,heart shaped notice boards and other various paraphernalia). 

So now everytime i look at something in my wardrobe i keep thinking how lovely it would have looked with my beautiful lost little scarf.  

Now its gone i know i would wear it everyday. 

The above photos are not said, very much missed scarf, but in fact my lovely Liberty scarf which i dug out on Sunday after not wearing it for a little while.  I love how many things you can do with a scarf….and this is but a few!!
I had  very lazy sunday due to a busy weekend out hen-nighting and visiting old friends; so apologies for the scalleywag before you!!



  1. Love your passion for scarves and so sorry to hear that one was naughty and jumped in the charity shop bag, sob sob :-( That's happened to me before. Hope you manage to find a replacement or at least treat yourself to something to make up for it!

    I have a whole box full of scarves and that doesn't include all my wintery wooly scarves. I haven't worn any of my summery ones for AGES and I use to wear them all the time...in fact wouldn't go any where without one...on my head, round my neck, on my bag, round my waist and so on! Not sure how I fell of the wagon but will get back on. In fact, will pop one on as soon as I get home! Cheers for the inspiration!

    Jo :-) x

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I followed your blog and then realised that you are a fellow Carlisle blogger. It's nice to come across another one :) xxx

  3. I love scarves! Hope you find a replacement for the lost one :)

    Enter to WIN a three-part DETOX PACKAGE!

  4. Aww girl, sorry to hear about your scarf. Hope you manage to find something similar?


  5. It's such a beautiful scarf - hope you found a similar (even more fabulous) one xxx

  6. I've experienced that awful feeling when you've accidentally charity shopped something before, I've come so close to going back and buying my stuff all over again but there's just something a little bit ridiculous about doing that!
    Love that scarf you've used for your pictures though :)

  7. Oh no, maybe you could describe it and I could go in and buy it :-)

  8. nice bLog! its interesting. thank you for sharing....
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