Sunday, 15 July 2012

Drum Roll Please!

You may have noticed a little disruption around this little place over the weekend….my most sincerest apologies, but we have had a little makeover, courtesy of the lovliest blogger, Jen at Jenny and the Magic Feather.  I cannot thank her enough!!!! For the most lovely lovely layout! 

So consequently my weekend has been spent sending alot of emails at our little desk and trying to describe how i envisaged the little blog to look - it is harder than you think!  This i find quite amazing! Jen and i don't know each other at all, only really through blogging, and i cannot believe she has pretty much summed me up in a blog layout, im so pleased!!! 

You will notice that you can now click on all the pictures in my posts, and see much clearer, larger versions which i love.  And its easy to direct to my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too and so you can choose which way you say hellooo from now on.  

I havent been blogging for very long, as most of you will no, so i am still very new to all this and really struggle with the technicalities!  (As you can probably tell!) So i have been thinking that the layout and overall look needed a little update and refresher for a little bit. Et voila!!!

I hope you all approve and enjoy!!! I cannot thank Jen enough!! Hope you get the chance for a little goosey gander around her beautiful little blog too.  You will be hooked! 

I am looking forward to getting some lovely posts up and running with the new snazziness, but right now i am off to pop the kettle on and do some mood boarding before tea time!


  1. I love how you edited these photographs! I love your new layout it's gorgeous, looking forward to reading more posts!


  2. Your blog looks so pretty! I've been thinking about updating my blog for a while and I think you've just given me the inspiration to finally do it :)

  3. Your blog is adorable :) I just re-vamped my layout and am much happier with it :') definitely inspires me to blog more. Following!


  4. Your blog design is utterly divine!!!
    Jo :-) x



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