Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sunshine and Showers

It is what my weather forecast has said on my phone for…at least the last three weeks.  I have done the usual - shook it, turned it upside down, turned it off and on again, even talked to it.  It is not broken - that is in fact the way things are rolling in good old Blighty at the minute.  I know this is not a revelation to most of you!! So hopefully i shall manage to wear something and get some photographs at some point in the near future without getting drenched head to toe and being a grumpy bum!

Poor Willow.  She has been 'swimming' a lot recently, and i am not sure she is too keen!!
So consequently i have been sneaking in quick fits and spurts on lovely little Willow, in between very heavy downpours, coming home, drying off and mostly eating and drinking tea and cookies! I should probably kick this very bad habit as i am being bridesmaid in a mere few weeks now…eek.  


  1. Aw ditto I bloody hate this weather! These photographs are gorgeous!

  2. That cookie looks so good! Now i really want some chocolate x Sushi

  3. Damn - I want a cookie now.



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