Saturday, 11 August 2012

All the Ducks are Swimming in the Water

Now i am not one for trend following…as such, or for hop skip and jumping all over something that a million people have raved on about.  But sometimes when something gets so much attention, you can't help but have a little peep!

Way back in May, Topshop brought out a pair of such beautiful beautiful swan print, narrow leg trousers, and a little skater skirt in the same print, and then a little bra-let too.  I got so excited.  I kept seeing them everywhere - in magazines, all over blogs, on people in the street.  As much as seeing so much of something normally makes me want to not buy it, for fear of bumping into someone wearing the exact same thing(worst nightmare,ever); this time it just made me want all three, more!!

Until i tried them on. 

Incase you hadn't heard, i have a little bike, called Willow.  We go everywhere together.  And so while i don't like to think my legs are fat, they are also not thin, thin (it's muscle its muscle!).  So the swan print trousers? A 'no.'  They barely got past my thighs…until i tried a size fourteen.  And then there was room for me and the Mr in them.  And he's not a fan of birds, or sharing clothes for that matter.

The bra-let?  It should have been renamed the 'bra-less'.  Needless to say it didn't leave very much to the imagination - who puts a hole right in the middle of something that is hardly there to begin with?! While i am quite proud of the fact that i have a relatively flat stomach; i am not proud enough to show quite that much of it! Hooker duck, not my kind of look. Plus i am not sure that the bra-let trend will last much longer than this year.  I doubt very much i can imagine being able to do very much else with it except tie it round my head.

And so there was the skirt.  Best out of three? Nope. I loved the fabric, i just didn't love the skirt.  It made me feel like i was wearing a lampshade!  Too short, too….lamp-ey.

I am sorry Topshop, for i don't mean to rant and rave.  I am sure many people have bought and loved all three of these items.  But you know when you just set your heart on something so so much, and it just doesn't live up to expectation?  I was ready to buy all three (nutcase).  I imagined i could wear all three together…somehow.  I was that excited. But it really is okay, it gets better.  

There's a dress there's dress!!!

I accidentally found it in Topshop on my day off.  I really should not have been shopping at all, but i just feel like this dress was actually made for only me! Almost as if somewhere, someone took all the things wrong with the other three items, and concocted a little swan print dress just for me.  I am aware that this is not the case, but i love it so very much that i don't care! 

So i got my swan fix.  The only one there and it fits! And it was in the sale!  And now i shall be mostly eating scarves for the rest of this five week month as i will have no money left for food.  Hopefully the Mr will take pity on me when he realises what a lovely little dress it is. 

Swan print dress, £46 £20, Topshop. Turban, £5, Accessorize, SS11.


  1. I hate it when things don't live up to your expectations! Glad you found the dress, you were obviously meant to be together ;D


  2. Lurve that dress. I am such a sucker for anything animal and/or bird print, I have an awesome swan skirt from Topshop :)

  3. how beautiful you are <3
    this dress is adorable.

  4. I saw this dress the other day on the sale rack and like you loved the fabric. Gutted that it was about 3 sizes too big for me... although I did hear my bank card squeal with delight that I was leaving him alone for once!

  5. perfect. that dress is adorable on you.

  6. Ahh that dress is lovely! I had that same problem with the paisley print peg leg trews in Topshop, but that probably does have something to do with my chunky calves!! I am very glad you and this dress have been united :) xx

  7. That dress is stunning you got it for a bargain! Lovely photographs as always!

  8. Very cute dress! Couldn't help but laugh at the "hooker duck" comment! xx

  9. That is just TOO adorable! =)

  10. Ooh so pretty! I love it! xx



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