Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ride Ride Ride Ride Ride

Today i planned to lie on the sofa, read September Elle, tear bits out of Elle (sorry Elle) and do some cutting and sticking.  As it turned out, by 11am it was glorious sunshine and it seemed rude to stay curled up for long. These kinds of tasks can be done in the evening when the sun has gone to sleep.

Instead i met an old friend who was visiting from London town, and Amanda and her lovely little kiddiewinkles for tea and scones and then headed to do a few laps of Bitts Park with Willow.  

I plan to do more of an outfit style post on my get up over the next few days but i guess it sort of reflected the ombre trend meets the pyjama-y one!! I have a massive urge to dip dye my hair pink at the moment.  I am only loosely put off as a) everyone seems to be jumping on the band wagon and b) i am being a bridesmaid at the end of this month for a lovely friend who has already stated that she doesn't mind what i do with my hair as long as its not tied up in two plaits on top of my head.  I doubt she would appreciate a fushia pink ombre.

So i tied a dip dye very very old Accessorize scarf around my hair instead.  Turned out to be quite useful since it was extremely blustery down there!!!!!


  1. When we were walking towards you today I thought you had dyed your hair, so the scarf does the trick. We did spot you doing circuits around the park too.x.

  2. Such beautiful pictures :) I'm following.


  3. What a lovely day! Sounds perfect. I've got the ends of my hair dip dyed blonder but I don't think it stands out that much (especially as after a few minutes in the sun my hair goes a few shades brighter!) so I've been toying with the idea of making the ends pink or something just so I feel like its actually visible! You should definitely do it I think :)

  4. lovely blog.

  5. nice!
    following you now, i hope you'll follow me back (:


  6. I have been toying with the idea of dip dyed pink ombre hair for a while now. Apparently Superdrug does a really good spray wash in wash out that I might buy just to try, before I commit to dye-ing! (Trying to be a poet...didn't work).


  7. I looove your blog, so glad I found it! Your pictures are lovely. I rather want this bike :)



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