Sunday, 5 August 2012

Top Knot

On a consistently sunny day last week (and by that i mean that it rained at least once but then stayed sunny for the rest of the day - rare up north) and also my day off, i bravely went where many fear to - bare legs. 

It was too humid for tights, too sunny for jeans and so there was no where else to go.  My legs are what they are - by no means my favourite part of my body, but not in bad nick for someone who has little spacial awareness and cycles a lot.  

I cannot believe i haven't 'wit-woo-ed' about this dress before - probably one of my favourite dresses easily.  I bought it originally from work, for work, but then wear it so much at home that i feel i can't wear it for work too.  People might think i own only one dress in the world and that would never do!  It is a drop waist style which i thought would be quite difficult to wear, but i think you just have to go with it. It's not a dress you can belt due to its shape and so i think it probably does make me look a little bigger.  Because of this it really is so comfy to wear, and lovely and cool when it is humid and sticky, yet works equally well with socks and tights when the temperature drops.  

I realise that i say this far too often, but i really did just fall in love so much with the print too - so beautiful.   I am sure i could hear it whisper 'buy me buy me' each time i passed it at work.  So i did.  

Recently i have been having no amount of hair dilemmas! I feel as if there are only a very few ways in which i wear it.  Either in messy top knot, or in plaits.  The top knot i love but i feel as if every god damned woman i pass has the same style nowadays.  And plaits…well i am just bored of them.  And i am fishtail defeated after having watched every You Tube tutorial under the sun, moon and stars.  So recently i have been experimenting a little more….

I thought, i love scarves, and i have them coming out of my ears, so why have i never considered tying them in my hair before?! Rather like it too.  

I like to think this outfit is a nod to the relaxed pyjama-ey print trend, with as close as an ombre is going to get near my hair before this wedding….

Cleo Print Dress, Monsoon SS12, £55 (now reduced to £14.70 in sale), Ombre Bird Print Scarf, Accessorize SS11. 


  1. Lovely photographs, you got a bargain there with that dress, how wonderful! Your hair looks great like that too!

  2. oh my... those pictures are amazing! i love your style. you're so beautiful. all you do is amazing, would you like to follow each other?



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