Tuesday, 25 September 2012

If Chanel Did Ducks

Well oh well i don't need to tell you (if you live in the glorious British Isles) that today has been a day mostly filled with rain wind rain wind.  Then rain and wind together.  There was a momentary break at roughly 6pm.  You could almost hear Cumbria hold her breath in anticipation - i was filled with the false hope of a couple of laps of Bitts Park. In the time it took to wander homeward (ten minutes), unfasten shoes (a minute?!) and to tug a dress over my head (four minutes?! There are no buttons or zips and so no dignity is spared for how you have to bend over and remove this particular dress - an Olympic sport as much as changing a kingsize duvet is for sure!) the rain came once more.

So i write this, un-cycled and rosy cheeked from the worlds hottest shower - possibly too hot. I can smell Aussie shampoo (up there with all the best smells), baby lotion and soup bubbling away in the kitchen:  Pulled pork and chipotle chilli soup with little turtle beans.  This may not be the best soup to eat when you are already the colour of beetroot.  But i am alone and so eating soup in your pyjamas with a red nose, pink cheeks and wet hair is 110% allowed.  

I am writing here to avoid the mighty Great British Bake Off in there.  I have agreed to record it and to wait until the Mr returns from building guitars from trees.  I am probably the only person in the world missing it.  I hope he knows what a big sacrifice this is.  

I wore this little get up yesterday - when it was also raining.  If you visit here often, you shall probably recognise this dress.  If not, you can peep at it here.  I knew when i bought this little summer dress that i would wear it over and over, again and again and in so many ways.  I chose to take the ducks to Paris yesterday - just by adding one of my favourite black and white stripey tees underneath (this also meant i could hide the fact that my tights went up to almost my bra - so cosy!).  I added my not-so-new-now black boucle jacket with the pretty little stud detail, gold heeled brogues and well it wouldn't be me if there wasn't something tied in my hair some which way.  

Since there is no sign of the Mr (still) i think i shall curl up and watch some old episodes of Cold Feet and have some earl grey.  Oh and i must dry my hair too.  Why is it so lovely and relaxing to wash your hair and yet such a complete drama to dry it.  I always leave it for as long as possible…. in the hope i'll just look up and it will appear smooth shiny and blow dried without being anywhere near my hairdryer.  Wishful thinking!

Dress:  Topshop SS12 £45 £15.  Tshirt:  Monsoon (many moons ago) £25.  Jacket:  Next AW12 £42.  Silk scarf:  Accessorize £12.  



  1. Hi!I´m your newest follower ;)

    Would you like to follow me back!?


  2. I like this dress as a lot, especially teamed with with the stripes!! I can't believe you are prepared to wait to watch GBBO, that is amazing willpower, it was a good one this week too! Me and my flatmates pick who we think is going to win in week one, based on first bake, I won't tell you who I picked but unfortunately, they got the boot this week :( sad times! However, my favourite is still standing...ooh intrigued?


  3. I'm in love with your dress <3 It's more than perfect + you look sttuning <3

  4. cute pictures!

    Jenny / Rocknrollerr.com

  5. Oh I love these little ducks. The stripes underneath make the whole outfit even better :). I'm currently putting off drying my hair (and have been for over an hour now...)
    I nominated you for a liebster award Sal, it'd have been rude not to ;)

  6. It's rainy and windy here too (I'm in England but not near Cumbria) but I actually don't mind it.. until I have to go out in it, that is. I'm definitely not a stranger to too hot showers (or baths, baths are worse.. I end up feeling SO lightheaded) and yes, hair drying is a total bore. I sometimes only bother drying my fringe and then straighten the rest into submission once it's dried all by itself.. wouldn't recommend it if you don't want to look like you just escaped the madhouse though x

  7. Lovely outfit! I feel your pain, rainy days are no fun, mostly irritating!

  8. Lovely blog dear!
    Your dress is so cute :)
    I find washing and drying my hair such a nightmare that I shamefully resort to dry shampoo more than I should...!

    le fresne x

  9. Fabulous photographs, I love the collage you made!



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