Sunday, 23 September 2012

2-1= Me

This weekend has been a me-shaped one.  I have lost the Mr to the bright lights of London town and lots of bass guitars and work related noise.  I have chosen to climb into Autumn properly incase it doesn't last too long.  My first Summer cycling on lovely Willow has gone and i thought i couldn't love anything more…until i discovered evening Autumn-ey cycling in all its glory, with nothing but Mr Ed Sheeran in my little ears...

I followed this up with lots of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and watercress on soda bread.  I managed to make an entire tea fit for an Autumn princess entirely of all the things the Mr hates to eat and that i normally avoid when rustling up something to eat for us both.  (Does anyone else do this?!)

This morning i tried to beat last night…

I think Sunday morning beat Saturday night, just. That was because this morning was an excuse for a cappuccino big enough to climb in and a cherry scone too.  All in the name of re-fuelling post exercise, naturally.  Oh and for more magical shoe wearing. These are my new boots from Topshop - ta da.  I tried so so hard to buy boots.  I have studied Topshop's boots for at least the last three weeks and couldn't decide between three pairs of little snazzy ankle boots.  Then i at last came to a decision, logged on and these little gems threw a whole toolbox in the works.  I am Sally and i have a brogue problem (eek).  

This afternoon was buying beautiful florally loveliness for a special new arrival, drinking endless cups of raspberry, rose and vanilla tea and trying to stick Autumn down….

Who knows about tomorrow.  But i do know i shall be a '2' once more.  

Shoes:  Topshop £35.  



  1. Oh, those fall leaves and cute shoes. Lovely.

  2. this post is good, very emotional. <3
    your shoes are lovely.

  3. I likey these shoes! Payday tomorrow so I'm going to treat myself to some new boots, but, I have been fancying a pair of brown brogues for a while...damn you sally! ;)


  4. Haha I very nearly had a similar issue the other day... I went on a massive boot hunt and came inches away from giving up and just buying some pretty new brogues instead. In the end I bought some highly impractical boots instead. But still they are boots and I think I deserve an award for that!

  5. Interesting post :) These pictures are amazing :) I'm following you now :)

  6. Love the pictures! They are so warm and cosy, you have a lovely blog.


  7. I love your style of writing! I could keep reading for pages and pages x x

  8. Oooh evening Autumn Bitts Park looks so pretty, will have to take myself for a walk before it gets too dark. Your new brogues look super pretty, I am a big fan too, just off to try find these on the Topshop site. x

  9. love the atmosphere of your blog

  10. Such lovely photos! xo


  11. Oh Ed Sheeran, I love Ed Sheeran.. I don't have a bike but am going to have to try and autumn stroll with him in my ears. He's got such a lovely voice.. sigh haha x

  12. I adore these images, such prettiness <3



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