Friday, 21 September 2012

Pansy Pants

I have had many nicknames throughout my life (Saz, Sal, Razzle Dazzle, Salbean, Homeslice) but one that my sister often refers to me by is Pansy Pants.  I tell most that this is due to my love of all things floral, printed and generally bright.  In actual fact it is probably because i am a bit of a wimp.  I cry my eyes out a certain songs, sometimes certain films (If you follow me on Twitter you will have witnessed first hand my teary trials over 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'), greetings cards, documentaries….  So although this dress is actually adorned with poppies, i think i shall always refer to it as my Pansy Pants dress.

I love it.  I love the happy red, the bold poppy jazziness and the slouchy t shirt-ey lovliness that this dress is.  I am not going to lie.  It is new and not needed but i had a particularly argumentative day with the Inland Revenue on Tuesday and so a large gingerbread cappuccino and this dress sorted me right out.  I dipped into the world of lipstick too…the very first time in my whole life.  It is a bold first shade i grant you, but paired with this poppy print get up, it made me feel strong and brave and good again (don't you love the power of a damn good dress?!).  It also might explain why the kind man in the cobblers didn't charge me for fixing my pretty Dune ankle boots.  At least that's what the Mr thinks.  I also found his reaction to my lips funny:

Him:  Have you got red lips? Are you wearing lipstick?!
Me:  I might be.  Why?
Him:  Have you been taking your photos? 
Me:  No.  Well yes but i have been into town this morning why?! I like it!
Him:  Oh.  Me too. You suit it.  It's very red.

He then proceeded to avoid kissing my lips all night and thought i hadn't noticed. Funny boy.

This dress requires nothing other than black tights and black brogues with magical golden heels.  More on those another time.  

In other news (if not slightly off subject) i have just this very second ordered a black fur cossack hat from ASOS. I am beyond excited to wear it with messy fishtail plaits.  

I am not allowed to be too Christmas-ey yet apparently, (except i did sneakily watch Love Actually the night before last) but i am currently roasting parsnips.  Except i have also added some baby carrots and honey to the mix to de-Christmas-ey-fy it a little.  And we are having vegetable moussaka which has no meat, is greek and in my eyes is about as faraway from a turkey that you can get.  

Dress:  Topshop £25.  Beads:  Accessorize £12.  Brogues:  Topshop £30.



  1. You've made me all excited for christmas now... If only for the roasted parsnips!
    I love your outfit pansy pants :) my boy always does the same to me when I put my bright lipstick on haha. It really suits you though :) xxx

  2. these photos are so awesome <3.



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