Thursday, 20 September 2012

Singing the Blooms

Whenever i wear these shorts i feel all sing song-ey.  Not quite sure why.  They are particularly grand stuff strutting sort of shorts.  What with watching too much X Factor (don't judge me) and listening to my usual dolly mixture of music AND wearing these shorts alot due to the turn in the the weather - our little somewhere has been filled with my glorious tones! I sometimes think if i didnt do what i do, i would love to have been a singer….

I fell in love with the print (how many times do i start a sentence like that?!) on these shorts when i first spotted them in Topshop at the very beginning of Summer.  I was convinced they would look horrid on me.  One day i decided i should stop visiting them on my lunch and just bloody try them on.  Living proof that you should try things outside your comfort zone from time to time!  I think they look quite fabulous.  I would never ever in a million years wear them without tights, but they are far more flattering than you would at first think.  

It's a little bit of a joke the issues i have with my derriere.  I have a big hatred of most trousers (unless they are beautifully patterned!) and spend my life in skirts and dresses - i cannot remember the last time i even wore jeans.  I find them the most traumatic of the trouser department.  I was very surprised that i loved these little printed wonders on, as much as off.  

While they are not part of my usual Autumnal colour palette, i do love a primary colour combination and i particularly love the blue in these shorts - all cobalt-ey, striking and so much more than just blue.  As you can tell - by my jumper!

I am particularly chuffed that i have managed to incorporate a printed scarf into my messy scruffy topknot.  While tying a scarf in my mop is my favourite way to wear my hair at the moment, i can tell you that it is not too weatherproof!! I had to do an emergency hop skip and a jump down Denton Street after my scarf a few days ago and almost lost it under a bus! Can you imagine?!

The Mr whizzes off to London in a few days for a bass guitar shaped weekend, so i think we shall spend the evening watching a film and munching some spicy orange and cinnamon chocolate.  

Jumper:  Monsoon AW11 £55 Shorts. Topshop SS12 £25 £15.  Scarf, Accessorize AW12 £12.  



  1. Oooh me likey these shorts, also, I'm liking your starfish stance! I am also once of those people who repeatedly go and look at something in the shop, until I eventually am like 'stop looking at it, just try it'! That blue colour also really suits you :) Suits you sir!


  2. Slightly in love with your shorts there Sal! Definitely a good job you caved in and tried them on eventually :)xxx

  3. Ooh they're lovely - the pattern is gorgeous and goes so well with your jumper. Looks fab!
    Jo :-) x

  4. i love your hairdo - it's super cute!
    would you like to follow each other?

    P.S. $100 Giveaway from Boticca until end of September:



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