Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Layer Bake

I am not alone in my search for Autumn and the anticipation of crisper mornings peppered with amber and gold leaves - it seems everyone is as excited as me to scramble for their knits.  

Most who know me, or in fact read along here, will know that deep down i am an Autumn/ Winter kind of lady.  You know what you are getting with Autumn.  It never fails to disappoint - unlike our Summer times.  Autumn is something Britain excels in.  Autumn is also exciting for those other little beans like me, who love the thought of a new season and how to dress for it; to wearing clothes we haven't worn since this time last year;  for making old clothes newer with flashes of new scarves, rings or if you are super lucky - a new coat too.  Autumn is exciting and by the chill in the air over the past few days and the fact that i have had to pop the lamp on at 8pm, it has most definitely arrived.

I have not been cold enough for tights just yet…but this briskness tickled my knees so much yesterday morning that i did bob on leggings and a new little jacket.  It makes a change as all the bits you see before you are all current and still available which is very unlike me.  

That's because i was dragged kicking and screaming to buy some new season bits to wear for work this week…i coped.  I loved this dress from the moment it arrived.  Not only is the length a nod to the midi trend which we have been seeing of late, but it has a beautiful Monsoon-ey print (i do love my prints!) and the colour combination is a little odd - a grey and orange.  The warm and the cool - it makes me think of a bonfire, all grey with just flashes of orange peeping through.  Its Autumn in a dress.

I am not one to do things by halves, and so i wanted to keep with the longer length theme and layer up lots of long necklaces at different lengths - some black and gold beads, a long and lovely owl pendant and a beautiful emerald green pendant. I am going to apologise for the fact that i have another scarf in my hair.  This seems to be my hair fix at the moment.  It hides greasy roots when needed, keeps ears cosy and my hair in place too.  Plus if there's a way of splashing a print in your hair… its definitely for me.  

The plaits were important as it was tipping it down en route to work and equally important was a little coat - my new little black Autumn jacket.  A little bit Chanel, a little bit studded - a lot me.  I can imagine wearing it until its little arms drop off.  Although hopefully not! 

Lots of layers for dipping your little toes into a new season.

I spent my Tuesday evening curled up in my cosy pyjamas with a big mug of lady grey; caramel digestives, the Mr and The Great British Bake Off.  We have decided we are definetly making a pie on Sunday. Its contents are up for debate as yet.  All i know is it really can't have too much potato in.  

My Autumnal excitement means we have eaten far too much mashed potato this week:  Mustard-y mash; mash with creme fraiche, parsley and garlic; and mashed potato with buttery leaks in.  It's only Wednesday.  Crikey.  Tonight luckily i am making curry……not a potato in sight!!!

Tomorrow i shall be heading to the land of Glasgow for a work-shaped meeting.  I am going to try my hardest to not eat too many biscuits and to avoid the Cath Kidston shop and Space NK.  

Wish me luck!!!

Dress:  Monsoon £79.  Silk scarf:  Acessorize £12.  Owl pendant:  Accessorize £12.  Emerald pendant:  Accessorize £6.  Black beads:  Accessorize £8.  Jacket:  Next £42. 



  1. Hehe, made me chuckle! So true though, its tough remembering all the places where you leave comments, esp since I do it a lot as I'm addicted to blogs! I'm never sure whether to reply to comments or not, as I have no idea if people get the replies, but I always do anyway!!! ...

  2. Ooh loving this dress, and the jacket! Especially the jacket, very Chanel but a bit edgier with the studs, I do approve.

    Being the massive GBBO fan that I am, and having friends round for dinner this weekend, we are too doing pies, but yet to decide on contents...unfortunately there's going to be three vegi's so we have to cater for them too (grr!).

    Ooh, and I'm a real Autumn girl too :) xx

  3. Autumnautumnautumni'msoexcitedimightpop! I think I share your enthusiasm haha.
    I've had a massive craving for pie after last night's bake off too... Make some and send it my way please ;) xxx

  4. I'm totally with you on this! I cannot wait for Autumn, especially more of the crisp sunny mornings we've been seeing of late. I have a "new" second hand coat that I picked up at the start of the summer. Yes, I was preparing well in advance for Autumn...that or it was just a darn lovely coat! ;-) It's a brown, kind of check print coat and I'm having fun day-dreaming of which colour scarf to knit to go with it.

    I LOVE that dress! What a gorgeous print! In fact, the whole outfit's a winner!

    Mmmmm, pie! I think I might join you on that and make one this weekend - I'm thinking chicken and mushroom, my absolute favourite!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Jo :-) x

  5. I'm looking forward to new autumn clothes, but I'm so sad summers over. I'm definitely a summer girl at heart; I like hot afternoons and long days, where dusk is at 10pm and you can eat 'al fresco' all the time :)
    I like your coat! I want one like that for autumn but can't seem to find a nice one anywhere
    Lovely blog btw
    Daniella x

  6. I SO know what you mean about Autumn, I have written a little Autumn post for next week too, it is most certainly my favourite time of year. This outfit is so pretty,I love long printed dresses, I purchased a similar one last year however I have not been brave enouh to wear it much, which is silly. This looks suits you so well. x

  7. Nice nostalgic photos!!! love them!!! xxx

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