Sunday, 2 September 2012

Right About Now

Today is Sunday.  Officially the best day in the week, by a mile.  Today so far has been a day of 10am wake ups (heaven); breakfast of maple and raisin pancakes with Lady Grey tea and lots of hugs;  and a surprisingly warm and sunny afternoon bike ride.  I had half expected to wake up today and for Autumn to have reared its pretty little head.  

I say this as this week i have actually been cold.  Cold. As in, cardigan wearing.  Of not hesitating - but taking a coat.  Considering tights.  Not sleeping with the window open quite so much.  I love you Summer, but i am in love with Autumn.  More on that another time.  

I feel as if time is whizzing by at the moment, what with sorting out Autumn/ Winter at Monsoon Towers (amongst other things), and weddings and spending time with faraway friends.  I thought id give you a little peek at what has been making me smile recently...
I spotted this little note on a noticeboard in our local music shop whilst picking up some strings for the Mr.  It made my day.  I love him already.  If i could play anything worth listening to, i would want to be in this Rock and Roll band.  I too, 'am all over it'.  I love you random band creator.  
This is me realising that lipstick isn't just for the Eighties, or for Parisians.  I bought my very first lipstick, ever.  More on this another time.  
I just want to take a moment to admire this picture.  And for you all to make a mental note that for all i buy, i do infact purge also.  I felt very virtuous last week and cleared out two of my three wardrobes.  I can now move hangers from left to right in an 'i'm browsing and pondering what to wear' type way.  That has never before been done.  Next week, wardrobe number three and drawers.  Be proud all you hoarders.
I have of course been zipping about on little Willow too.  I am enjoying the crisper evenings - i am actually excited to compile colder weather biking attire.  I can't wait to sort through my mittens.  I must not buy anymore. 
I got into trouble on Friday after buying 'another bloody cushion'. Even more so than when i almost bought another bike……but we shan't get into that.  For those of you who aren't familiar with my bed (?!) or my cushion/throw/bed linen obsession;  the new cushion is the paisley printed wonder on the right.  I didn't even mean to actually buy it.  I merely went into M&S for some lovely incense oil and walked past it - the only one!! If that wasn't a deal breaker enough, i just couldn't put the damn thing down.  So i bought it.  Our cushion convo went like this:

Me:  I might have bought a new cushion.
Him:  What?  Seriously? (whilst trying to pull contents from bag)
Me:  You can't just pull it out, it needs to be introduced properly!!
Him:  (Laughing…..)
Me:  Just imagine if i was a cushion….if you could put me in a cushion…this would be me!
Him:  Well then i will like it wont i?! (still laughing)
Me: Ta da (pulls cushion out) see it can go here……here…….here…look how just, beautiful it will be everywhere?!

By this point i had lost him.  I turned around and he had gone into bathroom. Then spent the rest of the evening on the Xbox.  The cushion and i sat on the other end of the sofa reading….

I think the cushion is happier in the bedroom.  I think the Mr doesn't care either way. 


  1. Ha ha, love the conversation!! Sounds like one I would have with my Mr. Ooh and that cushion! I can totally understand why it had to leave the shop with you, it's beautiful! Like you, I'm a big cushion and linen fan...there's nothing like an inviting bed with cushions and throws to snuggle up in with a good book and cuppa!
    Jo :-) x

  2. Oh that conversation made me chuckle. I have about a billion cushions on my bed and quite merrily sleep nestled in amongst them all at night. The boy then comes over and they instantly all get chucked onto the floor... They deserve to be treated better than that!
    I would also quite like to join this Rock n roll band. He definitely looks like he's destined for big things.

  3. Oh your so witty ! I love your style and such gorgeous photos aswell xx

  4. you have such magic eyes *_*

  5. Haha nice conversation about the cushion ;)



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