Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The small girls smiles...

 Since i began diarising (new favourite word)  my little get-ups in a blog format, it has really opened my eyes to how many different things influence what i stick with what. Today it was my mood.  At the moment i am feeling sleepy, a little bit muddled and very dreamy.  I think thats why i chose soft silks, pale pastel colours and (for me at least) a relatively mellow print and colour combination.  I did my usual park circuits on the lovely little Willow, with Seventh Tree by Goldfrapp in my little ears, and settled on the grass by the cathedral with a large Costa cappucino with my thoughts and my little floral notepad.

When i look at these photos i think of Laudree macaroons; or pistachio icecream and only eating the pink and white jelly beans from the packet.  It is a little bit Roald Dahl (the title quote is from Roald Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf), with a peep of Marie Antoinette, and just a sprinkling of vanilla sugar.  I can't remember when i was last so girly whirly.  

I am going to toddle off and have some Rose tea and devour the new Red magazine.  I do actually wish i had some macaroons now too…..if you would like to pop me any in, that would be just lovely. Thanks. 

Top:  Gap, donkeys years ago.  Skirt:  Also Gap, and also donkeys years ago.  Collar:  KatieBcrafts, price upon request.


  1. Love the collar your wearing, really pretty :) x


  2. Your day sounds like its been looovely. You've got me thinking about macaroons now, someone send me some too pleaseee!

  3. Teehee, love and appreciate the Roald Dahl quote!

  4. omg, i'm in love with your collar <3

  5. I love the mood board and your collar!

  6. Aww, what a beauty! I love your hair all piled up.



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