Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Black Cherry

Sallytangle sans colour feels a little odd - although there is still plenty print mish-mashing going on that you wont think i have had too many cups of lady grey and turned the lights out permanently.  I have Alison Goldfrapp to thank for my cherrified lips today.  I have harped on about her no end in these parts but i cannot proclaim my love for her enough, in my ears and on my clothes.  She is an inspirational lady indeed.  

As much as i find artists inspiring and find myself wearing what i'm listening to on a regular basis (Florence = floaty printed maxi skirts with clumpy boots and hair freer than the wind.  Goldfrapp = playsuits/jumpsuits, bolder colours, black nail polish.  Take That….no i am just joking! Not inspirational as such but definitely on the ipod fear not!) sometimes it's the words that i get my blonde mop lost in.  When   i was at school i adored english literature, loved getting lost in books and stories and poetry from different worlds. While i still do, now i lose myself in music more often than is polite to mention. After all music is poetry with a melody.  The right words combined with just the right arrangement of music and i am at their mercy.  

This week i am having a few lazy days away from work - cycling, singing and writing.  And just doing as i please.  The clouds have been kind and i am enjoying just wandering about our little place and reading and resting my head on the Mr.  I wish i could say it has been energetic and productive but i would be telling pork pies.  

Its a little bit like heaven.

Playsuit - Topshop, AW11 £45 £15.  Tshirt - H&M…oh so many years ago that it has holey cuffs…crikey.



  1. Being a music fiend and book addict (Librarian by day!), I'm totally with you on how both can influence in lovely and different ways. Wonderful post Sallytangle!

    Jo :-) x

  2. Such a wonderful post...dreamgirl

  3. great post!
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  4. Hi,

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  5. I love this post :)
    your blog is amazing!!

  6. stripes! i love them <3

  7. great halloweeny post! i didnt do one this yr :( wish i had! maybe I could a late one next week! :) x

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  9. Hey!! I've nominated you for a Liebster award, hope you don't mind ... I love your blog :)

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  11. Great pics :)

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  12. I love satin chic :) and that's a great collage there!



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