Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rose of Spots

There is not much of the day left to work with by the time i hurry home now.  This is not a bad thing.  Its an excuse to wear more layers, to steal more hugs and to eat more (its what you were all thinking).  At this time of year i am always drawn to ambers, chocolate browns, damp oranges - hints of sage green and rich plums - pretty much like the rest of the world.  Its harder to crunch rocket - much easier to mop up casserole gravy with floury white bread.  I fight carrot sticks for twirl fingers and oatcakes for digestive biscuits.  I do however love my porridge so at least i am getting one meal right.  I caught the Mr spreading black cherry jam on weetabix before…who does that?!? Minus the milk of course but still….bleeeurghhh.  Weird boy.

I digress.  

Those who frequent my little slice of the internet regularly will probably recognise this dress from my summer dalliances with it.  I have had it a couple of years now.  As much as i would love the have the finances to buy a whole new Autumn wardrobe, i don't.  So its a case of rummaging in one of my three wardrobes (I know, don't) and working out what can be 'Autumnified'.  This silk spotty slice of loveliness works fabulously with my new favourite worn to death rosey posey jumper.  I just love the rustiness of the colours and the fabrics together - toasty.  

Autumn rearing its pretty little head also means its acceptable to wear a bobble hat.  Well at least i think so.  And to pile all my life into my trusty brown leather satchel.  S'all you need.  Oh, i forgot to introduce Frederik! Gah! Although he is technically a Christmas decoration (ssh) i plan to find a little home post-Christmas to hang him.  How could i not buy a fox wearing a Christmas jumper?! I mean really. 

Dress:  £90, Monsoon, AW11.  Jumper:  £55, Monsoon, AW12.  Scarf in hair:  Accessorize, AW12 £12.  Satchel, French Connection, £75…many moons ago. Bobble hat:  Accessorize, AW11.  Frederik Fox, Accessorize, £4, AW12  (you know you want to).

Tonight the Mr is band practising and most likely deafening his lovely ears.  So as i shall be alone, i plan to crack open the Green and Blacks Maya Gold chocolate in the cupboard which i suspect he has forgotten about…..aaand give HBO's latest offering: 'Girls' a go which i Sky plussed from last night.  Pip Pip!



  1. I love the little snippets of scrapbook you post.
    Also, black cherry jam on weetabix?! It seems the week for weird weetabix anecdotes though - apparently microwaving them till they're mushy is an experience not to be missed!

    le fresne x

  2. all the cool stuff! love the satchel and the fox in a sweater :) I think you're gonna enjoy Girls, I'd say it's one of the best shows from recent years.

  3. you have really scrapbook talent <3

  4. I love your mixing of textures and colours, and the headband is great.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover



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