Monday, 22 October 2012

'This feels like falling in love'

I had a feeling yesterday was going to be a lovely day:  Sleeping until you wake up and then opening your eyes to see little slices of amber sunshine dancing upon the white bed linen.  A breakfast of maple and raisin pancakes and spending the day just me and you:  leaf crunching, cloud watching and feeling the Autumn sunshine on our cheeks.

(a tiny snapshot of Autumn-ness courtesy of me - albeit a little haphazardly edited!)

Autumn, i forget how much i love you until you give me days like yesterday.


  1. Ahh this looks like a lovely day, I love autumnal days like this, especially kicking the leaves but then I always worry there's going to be a dog poo hidden underneath and I panic and stop kicking the leaves!

    :) xx

  2. What beautiful photos and a perfect autumn day! I love leaf crunching! I think it's actually a hobby of mine. There's nothing like that satisfying crunch! :-)

    Who's the music and video by?

    Jo :-) x

  3. Beautiful words and pictures.
    Autumn mornings are so beautiful.

    le fresne x

  4. Such lovely photos!! Good idea video-ing your journey through the park!

    Much love

    Liss <3

  5. wow what a beautiful place <3

  6. I only just found your blog via Olivia's. I live in Carlisle too! Great pictures!!

    Lauren xx

  7. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. You're an amazing photographer x x



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