Thursday, 18 October 2012

Trick Or Tweed

This week so far has been a funny one….i fear i have spent most of it with wet feet, with soggy socks and mud splattered hosiery.  I have gone through countless pairs of socks and at this moment in time i have several pairs of black tights hung precariously from doorknobs, shelf ends and bed knobs, for the plain and simple reason that i have had to wash so many and have ran out of space to hang!
I hate to be terribly British and predictable but this week has been wet and gloomy.  It has been peppered with slight optimism - to waking with sun peaking through the window, and by the time the kettle has boiled and my cheeks splashed….to torrential wetter than wet rain.  On more than one occasion it has felt appropriate to nibble batten-berg for breakfast. (Mary Berry i hold you very much responsible).  
   Sometimes i have been so close to getting to work dry, but caught at the very last minute with a dramatic downpour. Sometimes i am woken to an icier than icy nose, and to Autumns first frosts - which i think i prefer.  What has been exciting are the first mornings spent in new Winter coats, and wearing more than one pair of socks.  And for realising that its acceptable to wear mittens!

Today was definitely a day for layering. The sky was promising and the clouds were faraway.  Breakfast felt rushed - maple and raisin pancakes and hazelnut yoghurt - quick quick before the rain comes! And off out into Thursday…

 You have probably noticed i am sporting The One - from my previous post.  It is Autumn in a shirt for me, and if i was ever to be made into a mans shirt, this would be me for sure.  With a few careful adjustments:  cuffs rolled up messily, a little bow clipped across the top button - and teamed with my favourite pale pink bobble hat and extra Autumn-ey tweed jacket - i felt weather appropriate and very at home.  
Horrible mornings and soggy days have created some lovely sunset-ey wanderings homeward. Almost feel like i am chasing the sun at the moment…and i have never been much of a runner….

Shirt:  £80 £19.99 Tk Maxx.  Skirt:  £45 Monsoon.  Hat:  Accessorize £22.  Jacket:  Monsoon £55.  Ring: Accessorize £10.  



  1. great photos! nice inspiration
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  2. oh, this was such a lovely post! i'm so happy it's acceptable to wear mittens again, i think i might have to treat myself to a new pair for this winter :) cake makes the very best breakfast, too!
    i hope you're having a magical week :) xxx

  3. I wish my rushed breakfast sounded so good... Mine usually just involves rummaging round my kitchen cupboard for a cereal bar to gulp down as I run to work (I think I need to start getting up earlier...). The weather meeds to sort itself out, I feel your pain with my clothes not being able to keep up with the weather... I seem to be doing washes made up of 90% tights at the moment! Great post as always Sal :) xxx

  4. I love this! Breakfast sounds yummy and I've been in my winter coat for 3 weeks already!

    Laurie at xx

    Come say Hi <3

  5. You can't beat Carlisle weather hey?! Don't want to brag...but I haven't had to get my winter bits out yet darn sarfff it's balmy ;)

    Your breakfasts sound amazing, I have cereal or errr cereal!


  6. hi beauty!
    what a lovely stuff aroung you! <3 mmm you look stunning, x

  7. Hey, love your style and love your blog...following you! (:
    Check out mine and follow me if you like it too
    much love.x

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  8. Cake for breakfast sounds perfect to me!
    Your coat is autumn perfection.

    le fresne x

  9. I love how artistic your blog is! The photography is very powerful and contrasts with the girly background of your blog. Really lovely to explore :)

    Love Hannah



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