Saturday, 13 October 2012

The One

Can you spot her? The girl wearing the blue floral shirt and the florally printed shorts.  We have spent many an afternoon together…ish.  

We have a bit of a thing you see.  This picture and i.  About three years ago (at least) i spotted her sat politely in a magazine (which i do not care to remember for there are far far too many to know that) Whiz bang bong ting - i needed that shirt in my life - or something equally mindbogglingly stupendous.  I became mildly obsessed with her beautiful shirt.  I googled the world round and round and actually found the original, too expensive to type here.  But what i loved most was that it was a mans shirt.  Not a blouse, a shirt.  An actual mans shirt. 
For me there is something so sexy about a woman wearing mens clothes.  I own many mens jumpers (trust me it opens up a whole new knitted world), a good and respectable amount of mens pyjama bottoms and a fair few mens scarves.  I love how mens items don't exactly work on a female form at first…but you can use your shape to make them work - roll up sleeves, cinch with a skinny belt, tie a scarf round the neckline, or wear with something overtly feminine.  

Each time i flip through my mood boards, i linger a moment longer on this page.  Each time i go shopping with the Mr, i dilly dally longer in the mens department than is polite, all in the hope i shall find The One. This shirt, i have never forgotten.  It is kept safe in a special place in my little heart. 

Today, three years later, i feel like you were made to be mine.  I knew we would find each other.  

We are very happy - a match made in man-shaped shirt heaven.  The Mr thinks i have lost what was left of my liberty printed marbles.  I quite frankly don't care.  I look and i sigh.  And i am currently sporting it with my pyjamas and eating a walnut whip.  Much cooler than the girl in the picture…naturally. You can't see her feet but i bet she is wearing her slipper boots too.

Shirt:  Ganesh (found in Tk Maxx) £80 £19.99. 



  1. I totally agree, love wearing mens clothes. and love your photography skills, great blog xx

  2. Oh, this is heaven!! <3

    Maybe we can follow each other dear? :)

  3. This made me giggle! I love how you are wearing it with PJ's, I get like that, so excited to wear new outfits I just put them on to wear round the house. So good you found your dream shirt, it looks really pretty. x

  4. this is so awesome. i love this shirt!

  5. I am in love with that shirt, such a great tkmaxx can find some absolute gems in there!



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