Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's just the little things...

Sometimes you think you're invincible, that you can power through anything, and that you don't need anyone to do anything for you.  

I'm the first to admit i am stubborn.  If i say i am going to do something i will do it and i'll do it by myself.  I don't need you to pass me anything, i can reach and if i can't do it, i will sure as hell try as many times as it takes until i can do it.  Even if i injure myself in the process.

I'm also independent.  Too independent i have been told.  I get an odd satisfaction from achieving something solo.  I usually get it wrong several times first but i get there in the end. And it makes me happy.  

I'm determined and headstrong and right.  Or really, i am not right always but if i think i am i will have the very last word until you think i am or give up altogether.
But one thing i am not (and this pains me to say) is good at being ill.  In fact it scares the life out of me!  Without too much detail, when i say ill, what i mean is a virus/bug sort of illness.  Colds, not a problem.  Give me flu any day.  A sore throat? Well i quite like honey and lemon.  Infact it is safe to say that i could probably cope with being shot, better than i cope with said type of illness. 

By some freak of nature (and probably a few thousand gallons of hand sanitiser and dettol) i have managed to avoid said type of illness for just over twelve years.   Until Monday afternoon. It's a side of me very few people have seen (lucky!), but when you live with someone, well there isn't much you can hide.  
The last 36 hours have taught me a few things.  Namely that i am not invincible.  But more than anything in the world, that it is the littlest things that matter:  Having somebody put a cushion under your head when it wont stay up anymore;  or make you a hot water bottle every other hour; not mind when you want to sleep on the sofa alone and listen to smooth FM (easy listening for the over 40's) and make you soup from scratch even when you can only eat a tiny bit. 

These are the tinniest things in the grand old scheme of the world and beyond, but sometimes you are not invincible, you can't do everything and you need someone a little bit more than usual. You can keep your expensive gifts, grand gestures and over the top declarations any day because sometimes, it's just the little things that really matter. 


  1. Hope you're feeling better now Sal! Sounds horrible :( I'm very similar to you and can be fiercely independent a lot of the time (bit of a juxtaposition seeing as spending time on my own is one of my least favourite things!)but when you're ill there's really no fun in being too stubborn to ask for help... we all need a break sometimes ;)

  2. Ah what a lovely blog! Definitely my new indulgence, your photos are gorgeous. Hope you're feeling better! x



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