Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Light Speaks

Two lovely whole days off together.  Two dreamy 'no sort of plans' type days off together.  In a row.  One after the other.  If you also work in retail or ever have, you may well understand what a treat this is.  Especially for the time of year it is fast becoming.  

Mother nature/ world/oh greater upstairs being if you are listening - thanks.  For it being grey, grimy and mostly filled with the gentle pitter patter of rain and such.  These things do not bode well for a cyclist with a penchant (it would seem) for all things not waterproof.  But let's not dilly dally on about the grim old weather too much, for today the sunlight was giving the good old rain clouds a run for their money.  

In the whole 'every cloud' scenario, it meant i could use the soggy weather as an excuse to indulge in far too many chocolate digestives and continue living off my new favourite lunch:  cheese scone and tomato and basil soup.  Absolute heaven. 

Luckily for my little self, today was more showery than the continuous, unforgiving, 'never let up' type rain of Monday.  As the grey skies were still hanging around, it felt a rather appropriate red lips sort of day.  A definite 'in your face' to the colourless weather. 

My new found love for red lipstick continues.  I cannot believe i have never dabbled before.  It seems the perfect pick me up for the for an easy 'i have had eight hours sleep' face.  I cant remember when that was last the case!! I used to always think to 'work' red lipstick, you really had to be the sort of gal who was very matchy matchy, neat and well pulled together.  I have since learnt that you can rock a red lip with a bit of a mish mash, raggamuffin, scallywag look too.  Either that or nobody's telling me i look like an idiot….

I have a few more days at work after tomorrow and then a long week off which so far is plan-less.  Tonight i shall be cooking lamb curry from scratch and watching Grand Designs.  Oh and making sure i have an early night as its back to work and all the fun of the Christmas window to install….
I hope the sun shines.  By the look of the stunning sunset tonight i might be lucky. Makes my mornings so much more bearable, and my lips less likely to become stained red permanently!! 



  1. Ahh look at sunny carlisle, what a beautiful sight! I can definitely join you in the scallywag red lip wearing look, with cherries on top!

    Cute hat :) and enjoy your week off, it's this time of year when I do not envy retail workers! xx

  2. Dream-like. I really like your outfit.

    <3 Melissa

  3. hey honey thank u for lovely comment on my blog about my wedding plans! cant wait to share more details with my lovely friends and readers such as yourself :) xo

  4. It all sounds wonderful, and the pictures are so pretty!

  5. I finally caved in and bought myself a bright red lipstick the other day too! Neither of us are very matchy matchy people but it seems we're quite well coordinated with each other at least! Xxx

  6. I love the atmospheric city shots, they are really pretty even though it is all bleak and grey and depressing out there. I do like this time of year however, makes you appreciate inside more and an excuse to indulge in those yummy comfort foods! x

  7. Fabulous photographs love the purple tint to them...also I'm in love with your wooly hat!

  8. Haven't had red lippy for a while now, got a mulberry one at the moment after using pink in the summer. Think a red one may be on the cards soon though!

    Lovely photos as usual :-)

    Kate x


  9. yay, this dress is to die for <3 i really like this place too <3

  10. beautiful photos!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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