Monday, 17 December 2012

'All i want for Christmas'

How is it now?! How can it possibly be only a week until the loveliest eve of the year?! I say this like i am suprised. Like Christmas changes time each year, or like i thought i would be more organised than i am.  I am un-organised and Christmas is always the 25th.  Just incase you are in the same boat.  

I am yet to decide on my wrapping theme.  I know brown paper will feature heavily…possibly a french newspaper, and i haven't got Christmas cards.  I have got most  of my presents covered, minus a couple.  But that's ok as i know what i'm getting i just need to go and get them except i am waiting in for a parcel which is 'definitely being delivered between 12.58 and 13.58' - so the Mr says. What sort of crazy RAF style timeframe is that?!  I am expecting it at 18.00.  I am currently on my third cup of lady grey and starving.  Its safe to say if you could hear what i have written…it may sound a little more high-pitched than usual.  

But its ok.  I have tomorrow. 

In other news, may i introduce Terence? He is our tree.  Terence The Tiny Tree.  We don't make a habit of naming in-animate objects, usually just spiders and the odd daddy long legs. But a Christmas Tree is important.  Last year was our very first Christmas living together and so we ('I') went a bit mad in Accessorize and bought a variety of tweed animals and novelty decorations to 'last us years.'  Even though we had enough…i couldn't resist a little fox wearing a Christmas Jumper which i managed to sneak in this year.  

On Saturday night i switched our lights on and they blew up.  Something else to add to my never ending list of today.  And still no parcel.  And it has just occurred to me that i haven't eaten any lunch.  Gaaah.  

I finally spent my birthday money and rather a large amount more, on the Joules website.  3 for 2 offer you are a demon. I am excited to receive some lovely new clothes that are not Monsoon (in the nicest possible way).  I can't remember the last time i really treated myself to something that wasn't in the sale or for work.  

Wednesday its back to the Mothership (Monsoon/Accessorize) to scream 'next please' until my voice disappears and wrap five million pairs of earrings for those who need it.  I am a Christmas trouper!! Thursday is the very last late night shopping and so if i'm not sorted by then, then you are not getting a present.  

Christmas Day i shall mostly be sleeping!!

If i am not here again before, may i just take this little opportunity to wish you all the loveliest most magical Christmas and thank you all right from the bottom of my little heart for reading my little slice of the internet and for all your kind comments.  I love it here, and it warms my heart that you take the time to pop by too. You are all truly brilliant.

Thank you one and all!!


  1. great christmas post.

  2. love this post got me more into the Christmas spirit
    and Terrence the tiny tree made me giggle, we have our big tree called Bruce nice to know I'm not the only one

    p.s love your hat <3

  3. i like your jumpers ! great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  4. Lovely pictures darling. I love your tree and your jumper :D



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