Friday, 14 December 2012

Clementine Dreams

For a season that primarily counts red, gold, green and silver as its festive colours, i can't escape my love for all things orange lately.  I know burnt oranges, ambers, crimsons and browns feature quite heavily in Autumn, but Christmas brings the clementine - and for me thats almost better.  Not the satsuma.  Not the minniola.  Not a navel orange.  Just a clementine please.  

Yes its minus five million outside, so cold that my little mitten-ey mitts ache when i am aboard Willow; and when i breathe in too deeply i can almost feel my lungs filling with iciness, but i love it.  Every single last second of it.  I can't put into words how happy this time of year makes me.  I have been falling in love with such beautiful clementine sunrises and white pavements on my wanderings to work at early o' clock.  Sunrises bursting with such beautiful colours that its hard to believe that all the way down here we can even be this cold.  

I have been eating clementines (queen of the orange family i think) at every opportunity - stirred into porridge with ground cinnamon; sneakily after tea so i don't have to share and chopped into mulled wine too.  I am thinking of creating some kind of clementine-y inspired breakfast muffin...  

For times when being outside is not necessary, i am layering my little self up in faux furs, blankets and keeping my ears warm with my lovely orange liberty scarf.  Oh and listening to the Love Actually soundtrack on the loop.  Our tiny tree for our tiny house is up, i shall introduce him properly another day.  But for now, i am toddling off to make some earl grey….



  1. I must be thinking about the same lines, for me it's all about yellow, and you don't find many decorations that colour.

  2. Could not agree with you more.. I LOVE it when it's like this!!



  3. I love it too, my favourite time f year!!! Xx

  4. oh yes clementines FTW! I also love them xD Sadly, I don't like the cold season.. it's just to cold! :'(

  5. I must eat hundreds of clementines at this time of year, they're just too darn tasty! Oh I looove the Love Actually soundtrack too, amazing! xxx

  6. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!



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