Monday, 3 December 2012

Stuff and Things

This year i don't want to get lost in Christmas.  I don't want to miss all the other little things going on around me, as small and fleeting as some of them might seem.  Working full time in retail this is indeed one large fat christmas pudding of a task.  But i am going to give it my bestest.

I write this post with an extremely grazed cheek, and a rather large graze up one side of my nose - glamorous! Willow and i had a slight altercation so to speak.  Whilst wheeling her to the end of our icy street today, her tyres slipped, and instead of being sensible and letting her fall to the floor and graze her flipping cheeks; i went down with her.  Star-shaped, legs a kimbo and my bottom in the air.  

But we will move on.  I love clouds (incase you hadn't twigged already with my cloud overflow in posts).  There is something so beautiful and magical about them and if there was such a profession as a cloud gazer, i think i would make the perfect one.
I have loved the crispy winter wonderland that seems to be creeping up on the UK. There is nothing better than layering as many items of clothing on top of each other; squeezing into a thick cosy winter coat and donning a hat and mittens.  I love how it feels to breathe in the frosty air, how it burns your cheeks and fingers, and how it gives your skin that rosey posey glow.  

When we moved into our little somewhere, what i loved most were the huge windows and all the light which just seemed to touch everywhere.  Its quite magical how pretty different rooms look at different times of the day.  Seeing the light is almost as beautiful as watching it slip away too. You can see the loveliest sunsets from here - snuggled up on the sofa with lots of cuddles, blankets, cushions and earl grey tea.  I like to leave turning the light on until the very last minute...
 'Tights' could almost be my middle name….if it wasn't already 'Anne.  I have loved swapping my tights for thigh high cosy socks recently.  Its an easy way to winter up little smock dresses, but not too hot for inside.  

I can't get away from Christmas…who would want to? This time of year is just magical.  This week we made mince pie swirls (a sort of puff pastry roll filled with mincemeat; baked and dusted with icing sugar - delicious!), finally lit our lovely Monsoon Christmas candle (it fills the room with the loveliest smell of spicy cloves and orange) and i Christmas-i-fied Willow a little bit.  Well so far she has two little pom poms.  I also have some little Christmas lights to wrap around her too.  Is this too much?! I love it!!! 

Oh and my mood boarding has taken a slightly festive turn too….Cannot wait to get our little Christmas tree this week and open another bottle of mulled wine.  Its important to try lots to make sure you get the very best blend in time for the big day…



  1. Aww, I love this time of year too, especially when it's frosty cold outside! I do not however love mince pies, or Christmas cake or Christmas pudding, but I do love Gingerbread Lattes! :)

    Can't believe you've grazed your face, that sounds painful :( hope it heels up in time for all the Christmas photos that inevitably get taken!


  2. Eeeep, poor you (and Willow)... the ice is lethal at the moment :(
    Gorgeous pictures my lovely :) I love how pretty this time of year is!

  3. I love all the windows and light pouring in as well. I can see it in the photos and it's lovely! We have a few large windows and I just love them. <3

  4. What lovely photos! I love the pompoms on your bike! I really want to jazz my Mrs Blue Bike up. You've inspired me, thanks me dear!
    Jo :-) x

  5. oh no :( i feel so sorry for you. i love all these windows <3
    sweetie, thank you so much for all these beautiful comments <3

  6. Such dreamy photos! I particularly love the one with the frosty leaf thing, we get cobwebs like that and they look unreal! Your moodboards are really cool :)

    1. PS hope your wounds have healed!



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