Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Windy Day

2013-01-31130405 photo 2013-01-31130405.jpg

2013-01-31130334 photo 2013-01-31130334.jpg

2013-01-31130338 photo 2013-01-31130338.jpg

2013-01-27133137 photo 2013-01-27133137.jpg

Days off with blue skies, a new experience.  
Wind so strong it takes your breath away.  
Hair sticks to lips, and then to cheek and then to lips again.  
Hats and mittens a must, keeping them on is a battle.
Everything covered.
Pressing on, pedal forward, feels like forever.
Cheeks burn, eyes water and nose becomes an icicle of the iciest kind.  
When you can see through the blonde candy-floss, 
Spring is coming.  

 photo IMG_20130203_170908_zps3762b2b6.jpg

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  1. Sally I am LOVING your blog, wish Id found it sooner :) this post is lovely xo



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